Musée Modern Museum

Musée Modern Museum

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The collection of modern and contemporary art covers works dating from the late 18th century to the present day.

Jacques-Louis David’s famous and dramatic Marat can be seen in the old part of the Museum (Room 55). Two adjacent rooms display small format works illustrating Belgian Neoclassicism and works devoted to the Belgian revolution and the founding of the country.


The collection of modern and contemporary art is the object of a vast reinstallation programme. Right now it is presented to the public in the form of temporary exhibitions in the so-called "Patio" room. These hangings or 'Curators' choices' permit a regular rotation of modern art works until this rich collection is housed in the 'PostmodernLab' Museum in the former Vanderborght buildings in the heart of Brussels, close to the Grand Place.


Recently the Museum has acquired one installation by a contemporary artist installed in situ. (Often)moved about within the context of a reason de Lawrence Weiner, is a sculpture reduced to an immaterial text, to a strict typographic composition.



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