Danser Brut


24/09/2020 - 10/01/2021

Danser Brut Danser Brut Danser Brut Danser Brut Danser Brut

Dieser Inhalt steht nicht auf Deutsch zur Verfügung und wird daher in einer anderen Sprache angezeigt.

Danser Brut attempts to reveal the connection between dance and involuntary or repetitive movements. The exhibition examines different forms of expression of the body, the face and the hands as a translation of our being-in-the-world. Through an intriguing mix of Art Brut, modern and contemporary art, medical archive documents, film excerpts, etc., the exhibition defies categorisation. It does not want to tell a history of dance, but aims to broaden our view and put modernity in a different light.With work by Ulrich Bleiker, Michael Borremans, Charlie Chaplin, Aloïse Corbaz, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Michel François, Valeska Gert, Rebecca Horn, Henri Michaux, Vaslav Nijinsky, Arnulf Rainer, Philippe Vandenberg, Mary Wigman, Adolf Wölfli, along with a selection of archival documents, manuscripts, magazines, and film fragments.Danser Brut is organized by BOZAR, Brussels and Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent after an original concept by LaM, The Lille Métropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art.

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