Portraits sans paysage


19/05/2022 - 28/05/2022

Portraits sans paysage

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Welcome. Two syllables that sound like a promise of meeting, of hospitality. Not for refugees. In our Western societies, the reception of exiles leads to confinement, surveillance and an absence of perspective for those who are uprooted.

For several years, the Nimis groupe has been investigating issues around migration. In 2016, their first show, Ceux que j’ai rencontrés ne m’ont peut-être pas vu, questioned the European Union’s migration policies and their economic implications. With Portraits sans paysage, the collective examines the confinement systems for foreigners and dissects the inner workings of the humanitarian work that takes place in most camps around the world. Even in the least restrictive options – such as open centres – the fate of exiles often involves deprivation of liberty. The foreigner is hidden from view, knowingly placed in the blind spot of our democracies. But the management of these organisations is not disinterested, because humanitarian aid, not without cynicism, has become a business like any other. In an attempt to optimise this aid, to make it supposedly more efficient, digital and biometric devices are now being deployed in the camps by companies winning contracts. The human is erased to make way for data collection.

Through theatrical investigation, Portraits sans paysage will bring together testimonies and speeches on stage. The work will scrutinise the system of these camps from the inside while listening to people familiar with them: detainees, exiles, social workers, humanitarian workers (NGOs or UNHCR), lawyers, psychologists, police officers, but also volunteers, hosts.

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