Tetzlaff Quartett


22/04/2020 - 22/04/2020

Tetzlaff Quartett

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“A grandiose score, in search of the absolute” is how Vincent d’Indy described the Great Fugue composed by Beethoven in 1824 and 1825 as the final movement of his Quartet No. 13, Op. 131. And for good reason: the work is truly exceptional! The unsegmented movement combines a two-subject fugue and variations, all in a sonata format - a real compositional exploit. Such an achievement however, remained misunderstood, in particular by editor Matthias Artaria who decided, posthumously and against the composer’s wishes, to separately publish the score for the Quartet and that of the Great Fugue (Op. 133). At BOZAR, Christian Tetzlaff and his ensemble restore Beethoven’s Quartet No. 13 to its original last movement; an authentic approach, which the New York Times describes as a demonstration of the Tetzlaff Quartett’s “dramatic, energetic playing and clear intensity”. 

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