Un loup pour l'homme


10/12/2019 - 20/12/2019

Un loup pour l'homme

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Is authenticity wishful thinking? The need to fictionalize our lives, does it not start in childhood, when we are taught to take on different roles depending on the circumstances, the groups into which we want to integrate ourselves?

For a long time, actor and director Violette Pallaro has pondered the relations between adults and their attempts to live together. In Tabula rasa, her first piece, she questioned the place we occupy in our families, with as a starting point, the space allotted to each of us around the dinner table.

In Un loup pour l’homme, she extends her rumination to those imaginary realities that all of us create about others. And to those roles we play to take a particular place in a social, familial or professional milieu. That we be parent, child, colleague, boss, husband, wife, neighbor, or friend, we try to somehow respect the assigned roles and the rules that operate them.

Through a contemporary tale, Violette Pallaro questions these stories that we need to exist in the world since, in a certain way, they give meaning to our lives. To create this second opus she has had many encounters, collected testimony, explored biographies in many different sectors. Un loup pour l’homme is a show about human identity and about this multi-facetted “me” that we change as time goes by.

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