l’Allemagne et les religions


15/03/2020 - 15/03/2020

l’Allemagne et les religions

Dieser Inhalt steht nicht auf Deutsch zur Verfügung und wird daher in einer anderen Sprache angezeigt.

It is with great pleasure that Flagey and Goethe-Institut welcome Egyptologist and cultural scientist Jan Assmann and his wife Aleida Assmann, also Egyptologist and English Literature Professor. In 2018, they were awarded the prestigious Peace Prize by the German publishing industry: they are indefatigable advocates of the importance of remembering and commemorating history as a vehicle for lasting peace and for a better understanding among the people of the world. Holding nothing back, they will discuss with us the many prickly political, social and religious themes of our time that continue to stir passions, in Germany as in our own country.  The conference will be moderated by writer Geert van Istendael.

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Throughout the season 19-20, Flagey and Goethe-Institut Belgien present a joint initiative, "Les Deutschlands". During various concerts, lectures and debates, we will present today's Germany in all its diversity. Flagey will be hosting some of the greatest German performers and composers of classical and jazz music, and bring together eminent scientists, thinkers, artists, filmmakers and writers, who will share their vision on Germany with each other and with us.

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