Our missions

Our missions

visit.brussels is a Brussels-Capital Region public interest organisation (Organisme d’Intérêt Public - O.I.P.) which employs 180 people.

visit.brussels is the tourism & culture communication agency of the Brussels-Capital Region for  the inhabitants, the Belgian & the foreign visitors. Its objective is to promote and reinforce the image of Brussels as the capital of 500 million Europeans:

visit.brussels: we make you love Brussels!

  • visit.brussels brings the city to life and creates unique experiences for its inhabitants and visitors.

    The organisation aims to position the Brussels-Capital Region as the capital of 500 million Europeans, both on the local and international scenes. A true “world city”, home to more than 183 different nationalities, Brussels is Europe’s most cosmopolitan city!

    A city of diversity and openness, Brussels is also a haven of the good life and creativity.

    Using these intrinsic assets, visit.brussels is committed to developing high-quality and sustainable tourism which respects the city and its inhabitants. 

    Its activities, campaigns and initiatives are carried out in accordance with 4 guiding values which reflect both the visit.brussels’ DNA and its internal and external strategy:

    Passion for Brussels - Sustainability - Diversity - Client Centricity.  

    In practical terms, the company aims to position Brussels, nationally and internationally, as a destination for living and leisure and business tourism. It, therefore, ensures: 

    visit.brussels is made up of 4 departments and General management:  

    • The Media department: it upholds the image of Brussels, visit.brussels and the region's tourism offer and promotes these to the priority target audiences defined in the strategic plans. It does this using all media at its disposal, in a 360-degree strategy, with digital media at its core.
    • The Strategy & International department defines the company’s strategy: brand strategy, key themes, market segment priorities as well as objectives, priorities and moments of impact with customers.
    • The Client Experience department is responsible for B2B and B2C client experiences. Targeting excellence and quality in the execution of services as defined by the company's strategy, the department serves as an example of how to host and organise events in close contact with visitors and residents, communicating their needs to the Strategy & International department.
    • The Finance & Operating department: is responsible for all the teams that ensure the smooth running of the company. It facilitates the work of staff members by centralising as many tasks as possible, from purchasing and legal, to accounting and finance. It guarantees the good governance of visit.brussels given its status as a public interest organisation.