Street Art in Brussels: trail and artists

Street Art in Brussels: trail and artists

Graffiti or calligraphy, tags, stensils and stickers… Brussels’ street artists represent the voice of a constantly evolving capital city.

They exhibit their work in public spaces, in plain view of all those with a keen eye who can spot it.

Whether commissioned or spontaneous, monumental or more discreet, the artworks cover building walls, benches, lamp posts, shop fronts and facades, using the city itself as an exhibition space.

Follow this advice from non-profit organisation Urbana and you’ll be sure to see all the best examples of street art in Brussels.

  • Bonom / Street artist

    Bonom (Vincent Glowinski) is without a doubt the most famous street artist in Brussels. In a few short years, he has become a virtual legend as quickly as his gigantic murals have appeared on the grey sides of buildings. As if by magic, the facades have gradually hosted an eclectic wildlife: a prehistoric animal running alongside a railway track, a fox sliding down the side of a building, a bison, a whale, an octopus and a giant spider defying the police...

    Bonom has also decorated the walls of the Rotonde du Botanique: a colourful, instinctive and spontaneous forest that once more fills the greenhouses with flora. Le Botanique hosts numerous cultural events dedicated to contemporary creation and the festivals that are held at the venue, including the famous Nuits du Botanique, have established its reputation.

    His work can be found here:

    • The crossroad of Rue Fontainas – Fontainasstraat and Avenue de la Porte de Hal - Hallepoortlaan, 1060 BRU
    • Rue Ravenstein - Ravensteingalerij, 1000 BRU (Generali – BOZAR)
    • 95 Rue de Flandre - Vlaamsesteenweg 1000 BRU
    • Place Stéphanie - Stefaniaplein, 1000 BRU
    • 87 Rue Blaes - Blaesstraat, 1000 BRU
    • Botanique: 236 Rue Royale - Koningsstraat, 1210 BRU
  • Denis Meyers / Typography

    A multifaceted urban artist, Denis Meyers describes himself as a typesetter. His work reflects the training he received at The Cambre National School of Visual Arts in Brussels, but also shows the influence of his grandfather, Lucien De Roeck who, among other accomplishments, created the official emblem and poster for the Universal Expo of 1958. It was with his grandfather that Meyers began to draw.

    Inside the library, Denis Meyers created a work that alluded to book titles and famous quotes.

    Bibliotheque d’Ixelles/ Bibliotheek Elsene : 19 Rue Mercelis - Mercelisstraat, 1050 BRU -

  • Parole / Calligraphy

    Parole is a Brussels-based artist who, having originally worked with graffiti, has been developing his own script. This script is spontaneous and very gestural. The letters are twisted to the point where readability is lost.

    The artist has interpreted the history of the “Battle of the Marolles” (when the residents of the Marolles declared war on property developers to safeguard their neighbourhood) by deforming letters to interfere with the reading.

    Rue des Chandeliers - Kandelaarsstraat, 1000 BRU 

  • Farm Prod

    Farm Prod is a collective of Belgian and French artists based in Brussels since 2003. The team brings together a dozen or so visual artists influenced by both street art and contemporary art.

    Their works can be found here:

    • 8 Rue du Lycée - Lyceumstraat, 1060 BRU (Horta)
    • 2 Quai des Péniches - Akenkaai, 1000 BRU
  • Ezbai / Stencil

    Ezbai is a stencil artist who cuts out faces or animals in a very meticulous way. Often very discreet, it is the kind of work people either love or hate.

  • Kool KOOr / Street artist

    From a family of artists from the South Bronx, Kool Koor has been living in Brussels for the last 20 years. A former companion of Basquiat and Keith Haring, he began to do graffiti at the age of 13 in NYC, where the Street Art movement began. From the Bronx and East Village to Soho, he is one of the most interesting and representative artists of his generation.

  • Solo Cink / Calligraphy

    An artist who originally worked with graffiti, Solo Cink became a master in the art of extraordinary experimentation. Heavily influenced by Asian culture, he discovered the art of calligraphy while travelling. As part of a kind of organised chaos, he redesigned fonts by showcasing a succession of controlled forms. His universe is sombre, colourful, busy or minimalist, since that is what defines his work above all else.

  • Blancbec / Collage

    Starting in the world of graffiti, Blancbec is a self-taught Brussels artist who works on hand-painted posters before hanging them on various supports. This technique allows him to combine his workshop with urban activity to create quality work. His style is highly geometric, graphic and instantly recognisable, above all through his choice of very vibrant colours.

  • Defo 84

    One of Brussels’ most famous street artists.
    You can find the works of this artist at Neerpede, De Wand or even along the country’s motorways and rail lines. Defo 84 does not restrict himself to permitted sites and puts his paintings wherever he feels like it, always working with precision and incredible technique.

  • Oli-B / Walls and collages

    Brussels-based artist, Oli-B works with acrylic pen or graffiti to cover the walls of the capital with multicoloured flowing curves or abstract forms.

  • Eyes-B / Abstract paintings – freestyle adept

    The Brussels-based painter, Eyes-B, is developing the freestyle technique, which involves him painting without a predefined project in mind and allowing himself to be carried along by a musical rhythm, improvisation and spontaneity.

  • Street art locations: interactive map

    Below you will find a map indicating all the major street art works and artists in Brussels