Brussels Convention Bureau Support

Brussels Convention Bureau Support

We offer free, expert and objective services dedicated to structure, optimise and grow your next event

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Organising a conference, a congress or a fair is a job in itself and demands a lot of time and special management skills. Our Meetings & Convention team members have the expertise to support you through the organisation of your event.

We play an important role as a ‘one-stop shop’ and link between you and our city.

On top of this variety of support programmes, we offer you a range of services that focus on optimising and growing your event, so that it can exceed expectations.


How we can help you organise your next international event in Brussels

Are you planning or organising an international conference, congress, fair or any other kind of large professional event in Brussels? Why not take advantage of the free, impartial, experienced services offered by our team who will give you access to the city’s official, financial and administrative support, and accompany you throughout the creation of your event.

Discover our four invaluable support programmes available for international professional events organised in Brussels:

We welcome support requests from various types of organisations, including but not limited to: associations, corporate companies, professional event organisers, institutions and universities. Our experience and the range of support available suits all budgets, and events of any kind or size – from 10 to 10,000 attendees.

We offer flexible aids that can be combined to suit your requirements!


Support in preparing and presenting bids for new events in Brussels.


One stop shop support, with ‘à la carte’ connection, organizational and timely services.


* A substantial extra push *  

Support for the optimisation and growth of events.


Support in welcoming and accompanying attendees while in Brussels.

Nowhere else but Brussels!

For enquiries about the support that can offer you and the above programmes, contact our Convention Bureau team: |

+32 (0)2 549 50 35