Beers in Brussels: must-see bars en restaurants

Beers in Brussels: must-see bars en restaurants

The fact the beer often goes well with many dishes, is being shared, thanks to the rising popularity of beer-pairing, with more and more connoisseurs. But beer was, and remains, an invaluable ingredient in both traditional and bold modern gastronomic dishes.

These bold new creations appear on the menus of many Brussels restaurants. Add to them all the Brussels cafes and bars with emphatic beer selections (you can also check if which breweries you can visit or which beer festivals to attend!) and you’re in for a Belgian beer experience like no other!

  • Cafés

  • Moeder Lambic

    Two bars with incredible beer selections. A true haven for real beer lovers.

    Rue de Savoie 68, 1060 BRU & Place Fontainas 8, 1000 BRU -

  • La Fleur en papier doré

    This literary café is a listed monument and used to be a favourite meeting point for Brussels’ surrealists. Here you can enjoy typical Brussels dishes.

    Rue des Alexiens 55, 1000 BRU -

  • La porte noire

    With a rich selection of typical beers and diverse concerts. This vaulted space, which used to house the kitchens of an Alexian convent, has a Middle Ages and Celtic atmosphere.

    Rue des Alexiens 67, 1000 BRU -

  • Le poechenellekelder

    A genuine pint-sized “poechenellenkelder” (puppet theatre), with a fantastic collection of theatre puppets.

    Rue du Chêne 5, 1000 BRU -

  • Le Monk

    A bar that’s full of atmosphere, with a surprising beer selection and other Brussels delicacies, such as their tasty spaghetti bolognaise. Set in a magnificent setting with music.

    Rue Sainte-Catherine 42, 1000 BRU -

  • A la mort subite

    A charming bar that loves authentic Belgian beers and serves large cheese and brawn sandwiches.

    Rue Montagne aux herbes potagères 7, 1000 BRU -

  • Delirium

    The largest selection of beers in the world...

    Impasse de la Fidélité 4a, 1000 BRU -

  • Au Daringman

    The small retro bar at Daringman lies hidden between the fashion district and the canal. Famous English newspaper The Guardian named it “Belgium’s best beer bar”.

    Rue de Flandre 37, 1000 BRU

  • Restaurants

  • In ’t spinnekopke

    't Spinnekopke is set in a property that, since 1792, served as a post carriage depot. Here you can sample all the typical Belgian specialities, along with other dishes made with beer.

    Place du Jardin aux fleurs 1, 1000 BRU -

  • Les Brigittines

    Les Brigitinnes lies in the heart of Brussels, within walking distance of the Grand-Place, the Sablon, the Brussels Palace of Justice and the Marolles. You can enjoy delicious traditional Belgian and French cuisine made with fresh seasonal produce and beer in a tasteful Art Nouveau setting.

    Place de la Chapelle 5, 1000 BRU -

  • Nuetnigenough

    The beer selection in this Brussels brasserie for gourmands and connoisseurs contains some 50 beers, including some gems from traditional Belgian brewers. The menu includes all the great classics, alongside old recipes. This is the place for a culinary discovery of Brussels cuisine.

    Rue du Lombard 25, 1000 BRU -

  • Bier Circus

    Independent beers, bottled or on tap. Traditional cuisine, with dishes made with beer. A paradise for real beer lovers.

    Rue de l’Enseignement 57, 1000 BRU -