Bikes rides : themed itineraries

The Brussels-Capital Region enchants people with the diversity of its neighbourhoods and their atmospheres. Brussels is also undeniably one of the greenest capital cities in Europe.

If you want to explore and experience Brussels’ various unique atmospheres completely independently, a bicycle is the ideal way to travel. Cyclists of all levels can hop on their bike and set off to explore Brussels, its art de vivre, its culture and its heritage treasures.

  • Brussels Highlights

    This trip is a wonderful introduction for those who don't yet know the Belgian capital. It will guide you through the narrow streets of Brussels and show you the most famous parts of the city. The first part of the circuit, which takes you to the historic districts of the city centre, is easier (8km). If you want to leave the centre and discover a bit more, you can extend the tour by cycling to the Heysel Plateau (15km).

    Full loop

    • Total distance: 23 km
    • Cycling time: 2 hrs
    • Difficulty: Medium

    Loop 1

    • Distance: 8 km
    • Cycling time: 45 min
    • Difficulty: Easy

    Loop 2

    • Distance: 15 km
    • Cycling time: 1 hr 15 min
    • Difficulty: Medium
  • Brussels, a green city

    Brussels, a green city! It's undeniable, the Belgian capital has numerous parks and gardens that provide its residents with places to relax and have a break. This excursion takes you round a portion of the Green Walk, a 63 km loop that encircles Brussels. You will discover 19th century parks and gardens, but also new initiatives that aim to make the city even greener.

    • Distance: 26 km
    • Cycling time: 2 hr 30 min
    • Difficulty: Medium