Five working groups are helping Brussels bounce back

Five working groups are helping Brussels bounce back

Date of latest update: 23 July 2020 

The events, tourism and international associations sectors in Brussels are mobilising

Planning for life after COVID-19 has begun and is regularly bringing together actors from the events, tourism  and international associations sectors.

Five working groups have been created to overcome the many consecuences of the current crisis.

In these unique times, consultation, coordination and the exchange of ideas and best practices remain essential for building the Brussels' tourism sector of the coming months, whether it be business or leisure tourism.

  • Five groups, five themes

    Going forward, there is certainly no shortage of ideas and has, therefore, decided to bring together several dozen key actors of Brussels' business and leisure tourism sectors to forge the post-COVID-19 era. Since the beginning of April 2020, these key actors have been exchanging ideas with their peers, supporting each other and developing various recovery scenarios.

    The objective is to start the recovery collectively and with solidarity. And it's working!

    Five distinct working groups have been created:

    1- The meetings industry

    2- International associations

    3- B2C National and international tourism

    4- B2B Leisure

    5- Cultural offer and city life

    Targeted initiatives, flexible objectives, different tempos

    The four primary objectives of these groups will remain flexible in order to evolve with the changing health measures in Belgium and elsewhere in the world:

    • Provide a common framework for stakeholders in the business tourism and culture sectors
    • Work with all partners
    • Identify the sector's needs and provide assistance by whatever means are available
    • Hold a reflection on the possible opportunities and activities for the medium and long term

    The recovery plan includes initiatives that can be implemented immediately, or that will be put in place when the health crisis is alleviated. Other initiatives are foreseen for the long-term. This recovery plan anticipates that any return of visitors is likely to occur in phases.

    The first will see Brussels inhabitants progressively resume travelling. They may have had to give up their holidays for health or economic reasons and they will be sensitive to the importance of the support they can give to the local economy. Then, the Belgian public might begin to envisage trips outside of their immediate environment, but still within Belgium itself. Finally, it will once again be possible to attract foreign visitors to Brussels.

    Voluntary participation, cross-disciplinary discussions

    The call made by has been largely answered and is still being answered. After the first online meetings, several participants underlined the willingness to cooperate and the positive dynamics of the exchanges. Several professional federations, decision-makers, a large majority of B2B and B2C event venues, and major cultural players are contributing to the discussions.

    Independent hoteliers and chains are, of course, strongly represented at these meetings. Also present are transporters, professional congress organisers and communications agencies. In the group dedicated to international associations we find partners and key federations as well as numerous associations from all sectors: medical, renewable energies and many others. These players are accompanied by representatives of companies that specialise in association management or public affairs.

    Join the working groups!

    The idea of contributing to the development of a sustainable recovery that leaves nobody behind tempts you? Join us!

    Contact Céline Batteauw by phone on +32 476 82 77 31 or by email at

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