Nightclubs, where to go out in Brussels

Nightclubs, where to go out in Brussels

Brussels is known for its festive side and its nightlife and offers you numerous nightclubs where the DJs keep you dancing all the way through to the early hours of the morning.

Come and experience an unforgettable night in our beautiful capital and dance to various atmospheres of Brussels’ nightlife!

  • Clubs

  • Fuse

    Fuse is a legendary club which was founded back in 1994. It was the first club in Belgium to feature international DJs and live techno shows. The club is even known over the border for its impressive programme, which is varied and up-to-date and a veritable showcase of the latest musical trends.

  • C12

    Since early 2018, Brussels is one new nightclub and multipurpose space richer and it's hard to imagine the city's nightlife without it. C12 lies hidden beneath Brussels' Central Station in what used to be known as the Horta Gallery. At the helm is ‘Deep in House’, a techno collective that is well established on the clubbing scene. As well as steamy house and techno parties, there's space for concerts, exhibitions and performances. C12 is a freespace where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative culture are protected and celebrated. An absolute must.

  • Bloody Louis

    Situated at 32 Avenue Louise in Brussels, this trendy club is a place where music lovers come together. Leather chesterfield sofas, table football, neon lights and a pinball machine contribute to a unique decor. Bloody Louis reaches out to a cosmopolitan audience that enjoys emerging hip hop and house music. In the past 3 years they have welcomed artists like DJ Snake, Future, Diplo, Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, PNL, Martin Solveig…

  • Mirano

    The “Ciné Mirano” cinema opened its doors in 1934, closed down in 1978 to then be transformed into a nightclub in 1981. In 2017, Mirano closed its doors again for 2 years for a major makeover and re-opened in 2019 under new management. From the gold/black colour codes to the choice of materials such as limestone or wooden panelling and the (re)introduction of neon lights, everything possible has been done to return the place to its former glory. Now open every weekend. Expect techno, house music & Hip-Hop.

  • Spirito Brussels

    Spirito Brussels is quite literally a temple of the night. This fancy club with its carefully selected audience has established itself in an Anglican church. The interior oozes with opulence and elegance. No wonder that the grand interior has been named one of the world's most beautiful clubs by Edge Channel 7!


    ZODIAK opened its doors in October 2016 and offers an interstellar nightlife experience, just a few steps from Grand-Place, at Rue du Marché aux Fromages a.k.a. 'Pitta street'. Fans of electronic music will be able to enjoy a musical and visual journey in this new venue where the cultures of clubbing and underground are intimately intertwined. A place with a convivial atmosphere that specifically showcases the Belgian electronic scene and young emerging artists.

  • YOU night club: Chez Ginette + Dyoukes +  Flash Tea Dance

    You Night Club is considered to be one of the best nightclubs at the heart of Brussels, and each night heralds a different theme. Friday nights are all about Chez Ginette. Expect the biggest hits of the nineties and nillies as well as a bit of chanson française. Each Saturday the setting changes into Dyoukes, which offers the best hip hop vibes and the craziest afrobeat sounds in town. Sunday nights are generally reserved for the gay community: Flash Tea Dance has probably been the biggest weekly gay party in Belgium for over a decade now.

  • The best bars if you want to dance

  • Madame Moustache

    Madame Moustache is the place to go for an eclectic night out in the heart of Brussels. With alternative concerts ranging from swing to the 80s, surf to rock ’n’ roll, this eclectic yet tasteful programme makes each and every visit to this whiskered woman a winner!

  • Bonnefooi

    Bonnefooi is the live music and DJ set cafe par excellence, where you can have fun well into the early hours of the morning, often until 7am! Nestled in the historical centre of Brussels, this bar with a warm atmosphere was once a chandelier shop, with an impressive balcony and a refined design.

  • Archiduc

    In the trendy rue Antoine Dansaert lies one of Brussels' glorious cult locations: Archiduc. This beautiful art deco jazz bar has welcomed the likes of Lady Gaga, Miles Davis and Bono. After eight decades, the place has lost none of its power: it's still a haven for jazz cats and night owls of all kinds.


  • Café Central

    Café Central is well worth a visit. A vibrant and trendy atmosphere is guaranteed thanks to mini-concerts, movie projections and DJ sets, all of which are free! The central space, no matter how full, always has space for dancers to let their hair down to great music.

  • Celtica

    Celtica is a large Irish pub with a disco upstairs and eight screens downstairs for sports fans. It's extremely popular with young tourists, students and Brussels singles. It offers music shows and DJ sets at the weekend.

  • Kumiko Izakaya

    Kumiko is a modern take on the Japanese canteen, and more! A workplace, a cocktail bar and somewhere to have fun, this multi-purpose culinary "pub" perfectly incarnates the Japanese concept of ‘Izakaya’ (festive bars in Tokyo), with a lovely Brussels touch! You'll love their concerts and DJs sets.

  • Cabarets

  • Chez Maman

    Chez Maman is one of Brussels' most famous gay bars. Known for its drag shows, it's full at weekends, especially the nights Maman and her girls revisit the great classics of the gay repertoire. Open from 23:00 on Fridays and Saturdays (free entrance).

  • Cabaret Mademoiselle

    Cabaret Mademoiselle is a place where the burlesque meets the 1930s, the circus and freak shows, drag queens and stand-up comedy. It's a mixture of genres in a colourful and spectacular atmosphere. The menu favours artisan Brussels beers and Belgian spirits.