Support fund for conferences, meetings and B2B events

This call for projects closed on Friday 30 October 2020. It is no longer possible to submit projects for this fund. Our teams continue to work in the various stages of the recovery plan for the tourism, cultural and events sectors, so vital to our capital.

Call for projects & FAQs

  • Call for projects
    This call for projects describes the project and its eligibility criteria. It includes, inter alia: the objectives of the fund, the eligibility criteria (criteria, type of organisations, type of expenditure, granting conditions), the selection procedure and criteria, payment conditions and timetable.
  • Fund FAQs

Application file

The application file had to contain:

  • The submission form whose deadline for submission was 30 October 2020 (This form is no longer available)
  • Mandatory Schedule Forms:
    • Estimated budget to be completed (New simplified version)
    • Sworn statement
    • A copy of the final estimate of the venue for the event
    • A bank certificate with stamp and signature of the bank proving that the account number belongs to the beneficiary (i.e. the entity submitting the project)

The complete application was to be submitted by 30 October 2020.

The file could be submitted in Dutch, French or English

If you can't find the answer to your question in the FAQs, please contact the team responsible of this fund:

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