Wine bars & Cocktail bars

Wine bars & Cocktail bars

Brussels is blessed with numerous original wine bars and cocktail bars. With more and more of them present in Brussels, you are spoiled for choice, whatever your taste!

A special feature of the Belgian capital’s bars is that some of them even house genuine talented chefs who offer up fantastic food.

  • Wine bars

    Wine bars are spread throughout the city and the wines they offer perfectly reflect how open the people of Brussels are to the outside world.  You can enjoy all sorts of wine, from grand crus to wine to sip with friends. New establishments are edging more and more towards natural and organic wines and serving food made with local produce.

    One of these establishments, Wine in the City, even has a Michelin star. Noir, Tarzan, Titulus and La Trinquette are surfing the natural and organic wine wave, as is Etiquette, which offers, among other things, a record number of bottles available on tap and served in centilitres.

  • Etiquette

    No doubt the largest in size, but also the most popular, thanks to its fine cosmopolitan and mainly organic selection, but also a wide range of spirits, several beers and quality food. Open 7 days a week. Terrace when its nice weather.

    Avenue Emile De Mot 19, 1000 BRU -

  • Noir Wine Bar

    A perfect example of one of the generation of brave new wine bars with a lively, night owl atmosphere. Whether or not you’re a connoisseur, you can enjoy natural, organic wine with friends and learn about magnificent wine-makers and local regional produce.

    Chaussée d’Ixelles 181, 1050 BRU -

  • Chez Félix

    Proof that wine is a pleasure that is enjoyed all over the city, this Schaerbeek bar doubles up as a wine cellar. Your wine is best accompanied by a plate of cold meats or cheese for local producers.

    Avenue Félix Marchal 142, 1030 BRU -

  • Wine in the City

    A one of a kind bar. Originally a wine bar and cellar, WITC transformed itself bit by bit into a restaurant, before being awarded a Michelin star at the end of 2016. An institution in a lively neighbourhood in the north of Brussels.

    Place Reine Astrid 34, 1090 BRU -

  • Cocktail bars

    Cocktails are back! And it’s not just gin and tonic, a whole cocktail culture has progressively taken over. Brussels’ eclectic mixologists both pay homage to the classics and create their own, resolutely contemporary concoctions.

  • L’Archiduc

    A timeless institution of Brussels nightlife, l’Archiduc is a place that you must visit to get a real sense of Brussels’ DNA. Celebrities and regular people have been rubbing shoulders there for decades.

    Rue Antoine Dansaert 6, 1000 BRU -

  • Alice Cocktail Bar

    Nestled on the first floor of the famous Rouge Tomate restaurant, Alice is a veritable cocoon of comfort that welcomes you for an after-work drink, a pre-show cocktail or a cosy drink to round off the night.

    Avenue Louise 190, 1000 BRU - Facebook

  • Hortense & Humus

    When he set up shop close to Flagey, Matthieu Chaumont partnered up with chef Nicolas Decloedt, a master of vegetarian cuisine. This partnership produces a unique result of numerous interactions and a guarantee of creativity.

    Rue de Vergnies 2, 1050 BRU - Facebook

  • Green Lab

    Originally known for its impressive selection of absinthes and gins, the Green Lab is also a firm Brussels favourite thanks to its atmosphere and the creativity of its mixologists.

    Avenue Louise 520, 1000 BRU -

  • La Pharmacie Anglaise

    Not the largest, but undoubtedly one of the most charming. You are welcomed in the authentic setting of an old pharmacy, in the middle of a cabinet of curiosities which can’t help but intrigue patrons who have come to sip their cocktails.

    Coudenberg 66, 1000 BRU -

  • Discover other addresses :

    Wine bars

    • 13 Degrés - Place Jourdan 49 -
    • Le Bar à vins - Chaussée de Vleurgat 27, 1050 BRU -
    • Beaublles (ex – Champagnothèque de Bruxelles) - Rue de la Madeleine 11, 1000 BRU -
    • La Cave à Vin - Rue du Lombard 4, 1000 BRU -
    • Les Caves du Sablon - Rue des Pigeons 9, 1000 BRU -
    • Cheese & Wine Café - Rue Lesbroussart 52, 1050 BRU
    • Iosono Wine Bar - Rue du Trône 62, 1050 BRU - Facebook
    • Chez Luis, - Rue Hôtel des Monnaies 80, 1060 BRU -
    • Non Peut-être - Rue de Dublin 44, 1050 BRU - Facebook
    • Oeno TK - Rue Africaine 31, 1060 BRU - Facebook
    • Onze Quatre Vingt Bistrot Urbain - Rue Vanderkindere 406, 1180 BRU -
    • Pacific Champagne & Wine Bar - Rue Dansaert 57, 1000 BRU - Facebook
    • Pepete & Ronron - Rue Léon Lepage 53, 1000 BRU/Place du Châtelain 40, 1050 BRU/Rue Froissart 1, 1040 BRU -
    • Le Petit Canon - Rue Lesbroussart 91, 1050 BRU - Facebook
    • Piola Libri - Rue Franklin 66-68, 1000 BRU -
    • Supermercado - Rue de Florence 46, 1050 BRU
    • Tarzan - Rue Washington 59, 1050 BRU - Facebook
    • Tire Bouchon - Rue Defacqz 85, 1060 BRU -
    • Titulus - Chaussée de Wavre 167A, 1050 BRU -
    • La Trinquette - Rue de l’Aqueduc 3, 1060 BRU -
    • Wine Bar (Sablon) des Marolles - Rue Haute 198 -
    • Wine Fever - Place Charles Graux 3, 1050 BRU - Facebook
    • Wine Shack - Rue de l’Enseignement 124, 1000 BRU - Facebook
    • Winery - Place Brugmann 18, 1050 BRU/Rue Juste Lipse 17, 1000 BRU -

    Cocktail bars