Guided tour City Hall of Brussels, innerrooms


01/01/2018 - 31/12/2020

Guided tour City Hall of Brussels, innerrooms

Guided tour temporarily suspended.  The reopening will depend on the duration of the containment, following the latest government measures related to the Covid-19.


The City of Brussels Town Hall attracts the interest of the many passers-by who are curious to have a look inside this magnificent monument.

Luckily for you, this architectural masterpiece is open to the general public. Curious visitors can explore this edifice that has been a seat of power for six centuries. The building welcomes visitors on days when it is open to the general public, Wednesday afternoons and Sundays.

During the visit, you will see that the interior architecture has been designed with the same care as the exterior. Nothing has been left to chance. Paintings, sculptures and tapestries from the collections of the Museum of the City of Brussels decorate the walls of this prestigious building.

These various works evoke various episodes in the history of the nation and of Brussels.

During your visit to this sumptuous building, you will have the chance to learn more about its history, its political function as well as discover its grandiose rooms. You will get the opportunity to admire the rich carved woodwork in the Gothic hall and the antechamber of the Mayor's office.

But the star of the show remains the official hall, still used today by the mayor and his aldermen. The tower and the balcony are the only areas that cannot be visited. They are unfortunately no longer accessible for security reasons.

To admire all these rooms, go to the tourist office shop located in the Town Hall. Please note that it is not possible to book in advance. But, don't worry. Several visits take place every day that the museum is open to the public.

Tickets are on sale only the day of the guided tour, at the information desk in the City Hall on the at the Grand- Place Office from 9 am. It is not possible to buy tickets for another date. 

The Town City Hall is open to the public and can be visited at the following times for individuals, on fix date: 

Every Wednesday: 

  • 1 pm in French 
  • 2 pm in English 
  • 3 pm in Dutch 

Every Sunday: 

  • 10 am in English   
  • 11 am in Dutch
  • 12 pm in French 
  • 2 pm in French 
  • 3 pm in English 
  • 4 pm in English 


  • Adults: € 7
  • Pensioners/Seniors, students: € 5
  • Children up to(- 12 years old): free

Practical info: Start of the tour at the reception of in the City Town Hall through the courtyard. The tour lasts 55 min. 

Booking for groups: send an email with your desired the date and hour wished for your tour to

Exception: No guided tours possible during big events related to the City Hall.
Visiting hours are adapted for the flower carpet and flowertime events in August. Please contact the organiser of these two events in this case:

Practical information