Hidden Paradise - Alix Dufresne + Marc Béland


21/10/2021 - 23/10/2021

Hidden Paradise - Alix Dufresne + Marc Béland :: © Maxime Côté

Galvanized by the statements made by the philosopher Alain Déneault on Radio-Canada about tax evasions, Alix Dufresne and Marc Béland rise up in a virulent and playful choreography, interspersed with hints of pamphlet-speak.

The soundbites are accompanied by rushed, absurd and insane gymnastic dance to get the spectator feel the consequences of a perverse system that is leaving no one untouched. In the guise of astute and insightful clowns, Dufresne and Béland mischievously translate the citizens’ anger and powerlessness towards that immense, lawful deception of tax havens and of governments that do not assume their responsibilities and have fallen prey to a handful of oligarchs who are masters of trickery and scams.

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