20/05/2021 - 29/05/2021

Home :: © © Margot Briand

A table, three chairs, a radio, an easy chair, a piano. A common room: a space to be together, a space where one can be alone. A sanitized and calm place where one can listen to time going by, where one waits. From time to time a voice springs from the silence, that of a resident humming a song or recounting a memory.

How to put 90 years of existence into a 15 square meter room? What does one see of the world from such a location? At the juncture of fiction and documentary, Home is inspired by scenes observed during a number of months by a team in a nursing home in Brussels. The show reveals the daily life in such a place: the exchanges in the common room, the little hassles, the tragi-comic episodes, the memories that surface, the whispered words. Life “inside” shut away from the outside world, both protected and enclosed.

Three young actors inhabit aging bodies that they “incarnate” filled with details that they observed: a heavy limb, a trembling finger, a washed out gaze. Home is an invitation to delve into the atmosphere and temporality of this sort of place, allowing each one to rediscover something of one’s own experience of old age.

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