Le Chant des ruines


18/02/2020 - 22/02/2020

Le Chant des ruines :: © ©Sergine Laloux Le Chant des ruines Le Chant des ruines Le Chant des ruines

“Being liquid seems to me to be a good metaphor for contemporary society.” That is how Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman describes the frenetic modern world. This ephemeral and volatile mode of existence which plunges one into a constant uncertainty. This lack of mooring with which to deal with ways of acting that are perpetually mutating, which stops human beings from being able to learn from their experiences.

Since her solo DEMAIN (20019 –press award for best dance production) Michèle Noiret’s work is subject to the world and its challenges. In this new piece, the choreographer raises questions about this race that is run, this flight forward by everyone, swept away by an enigmatic but dangerous hurricane.

With the complicity of her team, she reacts to the ambient, troubling and violent chaos which disorients the world without losing all hope. From this duality she creates a new impetus, a new scenic language which is deployed in a scenography created by Wim Vermeylen.

Michèle Noiret’s fellow travelers Todor Todoroff and Vincent Pinckaers are along for the journey and with their mastery of sound, video and light they feed these stage images with ruptures and surprises illustrating the impermanence with which humanity is confronted.

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