Light on stained glass


15/09/2018 - 16/09/2018

Light on stained glass

Does stained glass fascinate you? Join the Atelier Frangelico and unravel the mystery of light via a unique exploration of the collections at the Pierre and Marcelle Majerus-Nizet Foundation for Stained Glass. The exhibition will present stained glass from the 19th to the 21st centuries, as well as numerous documents (plans, drawings, photos, etc.). It is a testament to the incredible work of Pierre Majerus and of the master glassmakers who, inspired by him, embellish our churches and homes with their colourful configurations.
Take advantage of the guided tours available throughout the day and enjoy a warm welcome in this magical venue brimming with history.
Using the handy, detailed booklet as a guide, continue the experience by visiting some of the places in Brussels where Pierre Majerus worked.
Would you like to try your hand at making stained glass? Learn the basics of the little-known and often forgotten art of stained glass. Adults will be able to try their hand at cutting pieces of glass while children will make lamps from stained glass craft paper.

A partnership between the Atelier Frangelico, the Centre Belge du Vitrail Pierre Majerus and the Fondation pour le vitrail Pierre et Marcelle Majerus-Nizet.

Practical information

    • Centre belge du vitrail Pierre Majerus
    • Avenue de la Chasse/Jachtlaan 62
    • 1040 Brussels
    • Sat. & Sun. from 10h00 to 18h00 (activities between 13h00 and 16h00 – activities can be joined at any time – up to 12 people per activity)
    • M
    • T
      Acacias/ Acacia, La Chasse/De Jacht
    • B
      La Chasse/De Jacht