Loop Affect - Louise Baduel


30/11/2021 - 04/12/2021

Loop Affect - Louise Baduel

If the end is linked to the beginning, does that make it the middle? Louise Baduel examines our relationship with time and wonders whether the atoms that make up a pebble can rearrange themselves in such a way that the pebble becomes a dinosaur, whether the weekly routine is linked to the expanse of the universe and whether practising the hula hoop is an obvious metaphor for the electric turbine.

Starting from the loop as a creative and aesthetic object, Loop Affect reveals a balanced dialogue between sound and movement. They may merge with each other, enter into dialogue, or even contradict or dissolve each other.

For her solo, Louise Baduel Seule is accompanied by Marc Mélia’s repetitive, electronic music. The cyclical scenography was created by the architect Donatien de le Court and the perceptive play is made possible thanks to the installation conceived by lighting technician Meri Ekola. Together, they challenge the idea that "the eternal return" will never be quite the same.

Possibility to buy a combi-ticket with the show UNDIVIDED or Hyphen.

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