TB² : Ainsi Sois Moi - Olivier de Sagazan


10/06/2021 - 12/06/2021

TB² : Ainsi Sois Moi - Olivier de Sagazan :: © Thomas Hermilly

Trained as a biologist, Olivier de Sagazan became a painter and sculptor with the ever-present idea of examining organic life: how to make a sculpture which, by its mere existence, elicits the feeling of a presence? It is in a desire to give life to matter that he came up with the idea of covering his own body with clay in order to observe what this unusual object would look like: externally made of inert matter and animated from the inside by a real body.

This workshop experience ultimately lead to the creation of a solo (Transfiguration, presented at the Festival last August) whose visual impact is all the more disconcerting since the transformations are carried out blindly. The process is repeated here with several dancers. The objective is always to question the logic of the living, its mobility, and the oscillation of a sensitive subject between the puppet and the puppeteer. The result is a surprising show that mobilises all the senses and combines dance, theatre and plastic arts.

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