The Gyre - Tumbleweed


21/04/2022 - 23/04/2022

The Gyre - Tumbleweed :: © Flurin Bertschinger

The term "gyre", from a Greek word that means "rotation", designates immense whirlpools of water formed by ocean currents.

Angela Rabaglio and Micaël Florentz remind us that matter is in perpetual motion, and it never rests. This uninterrupted flow of energy raises and knocks down the forms of reality that we know. The Gyre is a piece that develops based on an extremely simple action: walking. Very rapidly, we are transported into a delicate and precise score in which two bodies relay in perpetual motion. This simplicity transports us delicately into the hems of time and the awareness of a universe without absence.

The Gyre is a whirlpool of pure movement that winds and unwinds, and becomes complex without ever stopping. The two dancers whirl tirelessly and unwind a hypnotic score of interlaced movements step by step. The line distinguishing one from the other blurs, dims, and finally disappears.

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