Which came first, the Castrum or Haren?


15/09/2018 - 16/09/2018

Which came first, the Castrum or Haren?

A fortress in Haren to prevent invaders from flooding Brussels by destroying the River Senne’s network of channels… A little-known abandoned tower in a forgotten village in the north of the city… Castrum farm has its roots in Haren, where it has stood since the 14th century, with its fortifications whose purpose is unclear.
Somewhere between a stronghold and a holiday resort in which to escape from the city and enjoy the calm of the countryside and the joys of hunting, Haren and its Castrum have some interesting stories to share. Nestled amid the wet meadows of the Senne Valley, overrun by the railway lines and Japanese knotweed, Castrum farm is waiting to make you fall in love all over again with all things Haren-related. Come and reconnect with history, with the Other, with yourself and with nature.
Come and attend the official opening of the new facilities developed over the course of the summer. Come and explore these creations, which help to connect village life with its heritage, represented by the Castrum. Visitors will be able to enjoy a terrace, picnics, snacks and interactive activities.

A partnership between Haren TV and the Comité de Haren.

Practical information

    • Castrum farm
    • Sentier du Castrum (junction of Rue du Donjon/Wachttorenstraat and Rue du Pré aux Oies/Ganzenweidestraat)
    • 1130 Brussels
    • Sat. & Sun. from 12h30 to 14h00
    • B