une maison - Christian Rizzo


20/02/2020 - 21/02/2020

une maison - Christian Rizzo une maison - Christian Rizzo une maison - Christian Rizzo

On a stage covered with a thick layer of earth and bathed in light stand fourteen dancers – all different in age and dance background. Movements flow from one body to the next, gradually building to a wild climax. The result is a tactile experience that shares loneliness with fiction: how is it that you can be alone even when you’re in a group? Christian Rizzo surveys the state of the world from a multitude of perspectives. He very intentionally opts for tenderness and against threats and danger. You are led into this house without a door, which with all its windows offers vistas of an imaginary world.
• Christian Rizzo likes to move in what Stanley Kubrick called ‘the fertile zone of ambiguity’: after studying the visual arts, he founded his own fashion line, started a rock band, and finally became a dancer and choreographer. Rizzo has presented more than 30 choreographies, but this is the first time that one will be performed on the Kaaitheater stage.
Un rituel technoïde envoûtant, en hommage de Christian Rizzo à tous ses fantômes - La Libération

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