Chez Maman

Chez Maman Chez Maman Chez Maman

Maman wound up in “Rue des Grands Carmes” 22 years ago with her luggage bursting at the seams to open a small gay bar (and no she did not come from Miami and hitch-hike her way across the USA). The idea was for her and her drag friends to perform and sing on the bar counter. Nothing fancy really, just a bit of entertainment for her drinking customers. She could never have imagined that it would be such a success!
Many things have changed, but she is still there! Every Friday and every Saturday, she puts on her make-up and high heels and there she is, alongside her fabulous girls, performing all night long in front of many admirers.
What are you waiting for? Take a walk on the wild side. Get in and brace yourself for a fabulous drag show and an unforgettable night in one of the most famous gay bars in Brussels.

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