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Forget frozen croissants and greasy sandwiches. Order online and wait for the ring of the bicycle bell: a little bit of Italy is cycling its way to you.

The advantage:

Fresh produce prepared on the day,
Affordable prices and customised deals,
A concept that’s both ecological and nostalgic.

The idea is simple: every morning, all the dishes are prepared with passion in the Cibacco kitchen, using only seasonal ingredients – which guarantees freshness – and based on authentic Italian recipes.

Then, Cibacco’s fleet of bicycles travel the streets of Brussels and offer their delicious little meals at affordable prices. Yum!

Bicycles are great for the environment and let’s face it, these classical bicycles zipping around Brussels, it’s a little slice of Italy riding through town, isn’t it? Don’t forget to check online for their business meal deals.

Cibacco is the ideal solution for your business breakfasts and lunches!

Practical information