Magic Land Théâtre

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The Magic Land Théâtre was born out of a collective dream in the 1970s. It now has its
active, around fifty creations, several international tours and participation regular at most major Belgian cultural events. His multiple expériences artistic works carried out on so many fronts have allowed him to forge a style so particular, far removed off the beaten track of classical theater. If we had to classify the "Magic land" in a category " popular theater "is undoubtedly the adjective which would suit best even if Patrick Chaboud its founder prefers to speak of a theater of exchanges, meetings, surprises, debates, emotions and forcing anger sometimes too. At the Magic land theater, the scenic barriers conventional have long since been abolished in order to build bridges between genders, heater, dance, music, circus, humor. The Magic Land Theater is ultimately, above all, a living theater, a theater in perpetual "reinvention" to better ward off ideas black.

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