Monk Monk

A quintessential Belgian café with a quintessential Belgian atmosphere and live piano music (if you’re lucky)! Coloured floor tiles, wooden benches and walls covered in mirrors complete this authentic picture.
This is a place to have a pint with real Brussels natives, hipsters and tourists who are only pretending to be lost. There are a whole host of Belgian beers on tap and in bottles. They are delicious with local delicacies such as a pistolet (bread roll), sausage or a piece of strongly flavoured cheese. If you have a real appetite, go for one of the four spaghetti dishes on the menu: bolognaise, ham & cheese, veggie or the special. Adjust the seasoning yourself with one of the three cheeses on offer (Orval, Emmental or Parmesan) and one of the three toppings (hot, mild or sweet).

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