Smurf Statue

Smurf Statue

When the idea of creating a Smurf statue was presented to Studio Peyo, they first did some research to find the appropriate pose and attitude. Numerous sketches were made and given the impressive size of the statue the scale of the Smurf needed to be expressed so he was placed on a mushroom. He also needed to look his usual warm and friendly self so was given a broad smurfy smile, thus inviting people to come into the gallery or to come and pose next to him.

Design: Studio Peyo
Sculptor: Maryline Garbe
Statue height: 3,80 m
Base height: 1 m
Total height: 4,80 m
Statue weight: 1 ton
Base weight: 9 tons
Total weight: 10 tons
Number of man hours: 700 hours (= 6 weeks)
Production team: 6 people
Location: Grasmarkt, 1000 Brussels - next to the Horta Gallery (in Brussels Central Station)

Practical information

  • Rue du Marché aux Herbes 120
    1000 Brussels