The Park of Brussels

The Park of Brussels The Park of Brussels The Park of Brussels The Park of Brussels

Known as the “Parc Royal” for many years, it was the first public park in Brussels. This large quadrilateral planted with trees and standing proud between the Federal Parliament and the Royal Palace spreads before you broad pathways, symmetrical alignments and surprising perspectives. As you wend your way along the paths, you’ll come across secluded little leafy clearings, a bandstand, a theatre, two fountains and a few kiosks serving refreshments. And yet, this spot, which radiates tranquillity, was once the site of fierce battles for the people of Brussels who fought their revolution here in 1830.

In the 1770s, the whole district of the Court (now Place Royale and the Park) was transformed. The architect Guimard drew the plan for the new park. He was assisted by the gardener Zinner, to whom Guimard's role has wrongly been attributed. It was in this park that the first battles took place between the Belgian patriots and the Dutch troops in 1830.

Facilities :
- Benches
- Drinking-water fountain
- Playground for 7-12 year olds
- Kiosk
- Toilets

Practical information

  • Place des Palais
    1000 Brussels