Audacious New Project 2021

  • Renew Art Gallery - Renew Art Gallery ASBL
    Project date: since 8 September 2021
    The Renew Art Gallery ASBL would like to help emerging artists by positioning itself as a springboard to the art market. The project’s establishment in a café also brings art closer to more varied audiences, as part of an approach to make art accessible while offering maximum visibility to the artists exhibited. In concrete terms, the annual programme includes eight exhibitions lasting six weeks. Simultaneously, the gallery’s background work is based on networking with cultural partners and the production of professional communication content, i.e. a video interview with each artist and an end-of-season catalogue. 

  • Pay What You Can - Kaaitheater asbl
    Project dates: 9 June to 19 December 2021
    In line with their new motto ‘How to be Many’, the Kaaitheater is trying to make tickets accessible to as many people as possible. This is why it has chosen an à la carte payment system. Each show has a suggested price, which used to be the standard price. It's up to the public to decide whether this ticket price suits their current financial situation... or not. If a lower price enables them to come to the theatre more easily, they are free to choose this price. You can also pay a higher price to enable others to pay less. The traditional discount system does not therefore apply in this new system. The Paspartoe & Article27 prices remain valid for those entitled to them.

  • Good Beer Spa and Craft - BEÄR BV
    Project date: since 4 June 2021
    The Good Beer Spa was able to open its doors in 2021 thanks to a successful crowdfunding in March 2020. This new wellness concept combines the benefits of beer with those of a spa. In the private room, which is yours for an hour, one or more large whirlpools are filled with water at body temperature. Beer ingredients are added in the presence of the guests: hops, malt and brewer’s yeast. Each ingredient has its own benefits. For example, hops soothe irritated skin, malt restores damaged skin and brewer’s yeast is rich in vitamin B and strengthens the skin. The icing on the cake? You can tap your own Trappist beer from the barrel and enjoy a tasty pint. A unique experience for couples or friends.

  • Jardin Rooftop - Les Jardins Suspendus sprl
    Project dates: 8 May to 17 October 2021
    The Jardins Suspendus team transforms unoccupied spaces into breathtaking venues. Venues that become destinations in their own right with the promise of an extraordinary experience. Their aim is to transport customers to an extraordinary location. Jardin Rooftop was no exception. Thanks to its location, it offered and amazing view over the city centre. With the aim of providing an original and exclusive alternative during the summer season, Jardin Rooftop was also intended to be accessible to everyone in order to enjoy beautiful weather, escape the daily hustle and bustle and share a drink with friends. The Jardin Rooftop crowd was a representative sample of the multicultural nature of Brussels.

  • Tondo footbridge - Chamber of Representatives of Belgium
    Project date: since 14 January 2021
    Tondo is an enclosed circular footbridge that connects the historic buildings of the Chamber to its new Forum building, which are on opposite sides of Rue de Louvain. Included in the visitor tour, it offers protected and easier access for people moving between committee rooms and the Chamber of Representatives, included people with reduced mobility. Futuristic, bold, amazing… this architectural gem covered with mirrored tiles surprises and attracts many curious people. It is no surprise that it has quickly become an Instagram spot.