Best Gastronomic Concept 2018

  • Le Living Resto & Winebar

    Le Living - Resto & Winebar, the restaurant of Pillows Grand Hotel on Place Rouppe, is synonymous with absolute experience: guests can taste local specialities and refined dishes, sipping a glass of wine from the diverse selection of the wine list. The contemporary interior and design radiates a warm atmosphere with the use of chic and discreet materials, comfortable lounge areas and a beautiful fireplace. In the summer, the welcoming terrace in front of the Rouppe Hotel is open. Led by chef Trung Hoang who studied at the Spermalie Hotel School in Bruges and learned from the icons of gastronomy, the restaurant obtained in November 2018, a 13 out of 20 and a chef's hat from the prestigious Gault&Millau guide.


  • Tartine et boterham

    Tartine et boterham is an association that references, online and in a guide, all the bakeries and artisan pastries of the Brussels-Capital Region. Their criterion for an address to be traditional: at least 80% of the products sold in stores are made from real raw materials (butter, flour, eggs,...) in a workshop located next to or near the store. The association, whose project is part of a sustainable food policy, also offers weekly events: visits to workshops to discover the craftsmen and women's work, courses given by bakers and pastry chefs, conferences on topics such as the history of bread, tastings, etc. Their added value is to be in regular contact with the craftsmen to organise events with them. The presence on the website is free of charge and the project is supported by both public and private organisations.


  • Brussels Cocktail Week

    Brussels Cocktail Week is an event whose objective is to highlight and showcase the city's many talents and venues linked to the field of mixology and cocktails. Building on the success of the first edition, the second Brussels Cocktail Week took place from 23 to 29 September 2018.
    The concept? For a week, cocktails are celebrated in around 30 bars and restaurants in the capital. The week is rich in various events: a combination of dishes and cocktails in 6 Brussels restaurants, invitations to bartenders from all over the country for the "Flanders in Brussels" evening, international guests, workshops and tastings.

  • Nina Food Truck

    In 2018 Nina expanded her culinary offering with, among other things, the creation of a second food truck dedicated to "gastro street food lovers", focused mainly on vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian food, while continuing to innovate in her "truffle"-based gastronomic venture with her first truck. Her presence received great praise from visitors during the first Vegan Street Food Festival in Brussels, and this presence and concept will be further expanded in 2019 with the creation of new recipes.

  • Vegan Street Festival

    Vegan Street Festival is a celebration of the vegan lifestyle with vegan street food, a market with animal-free clothes and beauty products, music, art and inspiring speakers. The various street food vendors, vegan entrepreneurs and activists fire up the taste buds and minds of those who are already vegan or those who are curious to know what caused and enabled them to stick to a (more) plant-based lifestyle. Whether it's healthy bowls, raw vegan, smoothies, kebab wraps, sweet potato chips or freakshakes... There's certainly something for everyone! In 2018, almost 10,000 people were drawn to the Fish Market in Brussels for a gigantic vegan party.

  • Humus x hortense

    Humus x Hortense is a gastronomic vegetarian restaurant and cocktail bar in Brussels. Alongside Caroline Baerten, who is in charge of the wine list and creative design, chef Nicolas Decloedt conjures up a 5 or 7-course menu using organic, local and seasonal ingredients. His culinary talents have been developed in the best star restaurants in Europe; ranging from Mugaritz in Spain to Bon Bon in Brussels. Humus x Hortense is founded on 3 elements; cuisine, cocktails and crafts. The cuisine-inspired cocktails perfectly match each dish in the tasting menu. Humus x Hortense has been awarded 3 chef's hats by the ecolabel Good Food Brussels for its sustainable approach. What makes Humus x Hortense so unique is the way it integrates two culinary worlds; plant-based, ecological cuisine with the rich world of gastronomy. This achievement has earned Nicolas Decloedt the title of Best Vegetable chef 2019 from Gault en Millau.

  • Ginette Bar

    The Ginette Bar is a showcase for "Ginette" organic Belgian beer. It opened in February 2018 with the following message: ORGANIC is too often falsely linked to a serious message. The bar's founders have nothing against yoga and sandals, but they also like motorbikes, good music, beer, burgers and parties. Their mission is to make sure people enjoy themselves and that their bar has a festive atmosphere. Three Belgian artists also helped to create different atmospheres, even in the toilets. "Ginette" finally has its own bar that reflects its nature: fun, craft & organic. Clients can come and eat, drink, party and hire the venue for a private event.

  • GUS

    Two years ago, 3 historic friends wondered about their future, pretty fast they agree on developping a gastronomic venture. Pierre, Jonathan and Aurélien know each other for 20 years, Pierre has just finished working for Christophe Hardiquest at "bon bon". With their talents combined, they finally decide to launch a brassonomic concept. Brassonomic because, in each dish, ingredients of the beer or beer itself are added, just like wine cooking, keeping flavors in subtle balance. The rest of the menu is simple but well made, almost everything is made at the restaurant, from the ice-creams and sorbet to the potatoes chips. Opened since november 2018, the concept is also a restaurant in which there is a brewery. Pierre and Jonathan are in the kitchen, while Aurélien, homebrewer since 4 years is brewing beers in the basement of the restaurant. 4 beers are always available at the tap, 3 of them are made in the restaurant and the fourth is a "guest" beer from another brewery in Brussels.

  • Beerstorming

    Beerstorming is an invitation for visitors to spend an evening in a pico-brewery exchanging ideas, opinions and desires relating to new brewing projects. Under the guidance of an experienced and passionate master brewer, they are invited to take part in the different stages of brewing and create their own beer. During this evening, intended to be both fun and educational, participants discovered the world of beer and the infinite possibilities for recipes and tastes. New beer recipes were created with a passionate public. All these recipes could be tasted at the brewery and were entered into a competition at the end of which internet users selected the Chosen One, which will be brewed again in large quantities and sold in Brussels. A number of groups will therefore have the pleasure of finding the fruit of their imagination in the bars and best restaurants of Brussels.

  • ECLO

    Started in 2018, ECLO it’s a new way to eat vegetables and to spice up a dish. It is also an urban farming project located in the Cellar of Cureghem, at the heart of Brussels. In the basements of Brussels, they grow vegetables at their very first stage of growth : they like to call them “microgreens”. Packed with nutrients, colors and flavours, microgreens are a whole new way to see your next dish, whether you’re a dedicated foodie or a high-end chef. Their 20+ varieties are ranging from spicy red radish to sweet sunflower or even rare herbs such as waterpeper, lovage or nasturtium. Each of their varieties have been carefully selected to make your plate look and taste amazing. ECLO is using indoor vertical farming techniques and low consumption LED lights. It combines a mushroom production together with Le Champignon de Bruxelles. Their plants benefit from the heat and CO2 of the mushrooms production, adding a new loop to the circularity of the project.

  • Fernand Obb Delicatessen

    Fernand Obb Delicatessen opened in March 2018 and produces popular Belgian cuisine; it is a restaurant, delicatessen and grocery shop. Inspired by North American delis, Fernand Obb offers casual, 100% home-made Belgian/Brussels fast food and street food, using original recipes. Its dishes include classics such as shrimp croquettes, cheese croquettes, white pudding, breaded fish or chicken, "gaufrite" (waffle-shaped fries") with house sauces, frikandel and more. It also serves home-smoked salmon and pastrami. Fernand also works with Brussels producers and artisans. He promotes Brussels brasseries such as L'Ermitage, No Science and Drink Drink. If you have a sweet tooth, head to the Patisserie Gingko, which makes its own delicious treats. Everything centres around a counter where guests can sit and eat, as well as interact with the chefs and watch their order being made.


  • Around the World in 183 plates

    Since July 2017, Around the World in 183 plates has invited the curious, citizens of Brussels and elsewhere, to explore the mosaic of cultures that make up Brussels, the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. Initially designed as a project to combat food waste, it is now an inter-cultural meeting place based around cuisine and arts. Every month two major events - brunch and a cultural evening - showcase one of the 183 nationalities found in Brussels. This is a stationary journey during which a community tells and shares the story of its country and the reasons for its arrival in Belgium. Around the World has already stopped off in 23 countries. Each monthly meeting starts with the initiative of one person who becomes a chef and ambassador for their country over the course of a weekend. Brunch is cooked using unsold foodstuffs collected by volunteers every evening of the week by bike from sustainable partners (organic supermarket and fine bakery) and thanks to a team of 45 volunteers.