Best Gastronomic Concept 2018

  • Around the World in 183 dishes

    Since July 2017, Around the World in 183 dishes has invited the curious, citizens of Brussels and elsewhere, to explore the mosaic of cultures that make up Brussels, the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. Initially designed as a project to combat food waste, it is now an inter-cultural meeting place based around cuisine and arts. Every month two major events - brunch and a cultural evening - showcase one of the 183 nationalities found in Brussels. This is a stationary journey during which a community tells and shares the story of its country and the reasons for its arrival in Belgium. Around the World has already stopped off in 23 countries. Each monthly meeting starts with the initiative of one person who becomes a chef and ambassador for their country over the course of a weekend. Brunch is cooked using unsold foodstuffs collected by volunteers every evening of the week by bike from sustainable partners (organic supermarket and fine bakery) and thanks to a team of 45 volunteers.

  • Brussels Cocktail Week

    Brussels Cocktail Week is an event whose objective is to highlight and showcase the city's many talents and venues linked to the field of mixology and cocktails. Building on the success of the first edition, the second Brussels Cocktail Week took place from 23 to 29 September 2018.
    The concept? For a week, cocktails are celebrated in around 30 bars and restaurants in the capital. The week is rich in various events: a combination of dishes and cocktails in 6 Brussels restaurants, invitations to bartenders from all over the country for the "Flanders in Brussels" evening, international guests, workshops and tastings.

  • Vegan Street Festival

    Vegan Street Festival is a celebration of the vegan lifestyle with vegan street food, a market with animal-free clothes and beauty products, music, art and inspiring speakers. The various street food vendors, vegan entrepreneurs and activists fire up the taste buds and minds of those who are already vegan or those who are curious to know what caused and enabled them to stick to a (more) plant-based lifestyle. Whether it's healthy bowls, raw vegan, smoothies, kebab wraps, sweet potato chips or freakshakes... There's certainly something for everyone! In 2018, almost 10,000 people were drawn to the Fish Market in Brussels for a gigantic vegan party.