Best Gastronomic Concept 2019

  • Gaufres & Waffles

    Gaufres and Waffles revisits one of the most gourmet treasures of Brussels’ culture: the Brussels Waffle, now also in a savoury version. At Gaufres and Waffles, the waffle isn’t just a dessert or a sweet snack - it’s now a real meal with recipes that have been created by the Brussels’ Michelin-starred chef Yves Mattagne.
    Gaufres and Waffles is part of the “mono-product” strategy, in line with today’s eating habits, that is made up of 1 core product available in multiple ways. By varying our recipes between sweet and savoury, Gaufres and Waffles presents an offer that can satisfy its customers’ cravings at any time of day.
    The first 2 stands reflect our wish to be part of the artisan tradition of Brussels (the Saint-Hubert Galeries Royales) and in a contemporary setting (Wolf Brussels).

  • Le Wolf

    Wolf is located in the premises of the former CGER bank.
    Wolf is the new food market in the centre of Brussels.
    16 restaurants, a juice bar, a chocolate shop (made on site), a dessert bar, two bars, a microbrewery and an organic market.
    A full experience aimed at everyone, of any age.
    This offers a unique experience for anyone seeking the pleasures that go with eating and travelling.

  • The 1040 Etterbeek's Modern Brasserie

    Jean Philippe Watteyne, chief executive of The 1040, is passionate about his roots and has succeeded in bringing Belgian cuisine back to life, with a range of the great Belgian classics, made with a modern twist. Every guest is invited to discover the exciting flavours of Belgium while going back to their roots.
    Our chic yet laid-back bar invites you to start or end your evening accompanied by the clink of glasses. Try one of our 1040 cocktails or sample one of our numerous Belgian beers.