Evening experience 2019

  • Halloween Festival, walk of lights and spirits

    A now unmissable part of Brussels’ culture, the Halloween Festival - a walk with lights and spirits - brings thousands of gnomes, leprechauns, witches and monsters of all shapes and sizes together on 31st October each year. In 2019, the festival once again took place at the Museum and Centre for Fantastic Art, and also in different places around the Saint-Gilles district. With free entry, the festival brings entertainment, musical performances and theatrical improvisations together, and leads the public slowly towards a magnificent firework display and a large, popular dressing-up parade.

  • Nuits sonores & European Lab Brussels

    Nuits Sonores & European Lab Brussels is an annual urban, innovative festival that is co-produced by BOZAR and the non-profit organisation Arty Farty Brussels. The event focuses on independent and electronic music, and offers a place for discussion to try to understand the big changes of our times and imagine what tomorrow’s culture will look like. The festival took place between 3rd and 6th October in eight places around Brussels. In linking an ideas forum with arts circuits and concerts, the event encouraged the people of today to imagine the world of tomorrow. The 2019 edition of Nuits Sonores & European Lab Brussels marked an important stage in the culmination of the project envisaged by teams from Brussels and Lyon. This was planned as a unique and innovative urban event that is also the beginning of a strong and unified transnational cooperation, rich both in meaning and cultural issues. Following the third edition, it is obvious that the festival has reinforced its Brussels’ roots and seen a growing audience.

  • The Great Gatsby

    At VIAGE, we love surprises and the unexpected; everything with a touch of glamour and excitement. This is why VIAGE is welcoming a show never before performed in Brussels, to its 14,500 m² setting. It’s not a coincidence that this immersive theatrical show has been invited to VIAGE. THE GREAT GATSBY is a unique experience; an unforgettable evening diving into the roaring twenties, where you can experience the show as if you were in the world of jazz, cocktails and exuberance of the 1920s. The location has been kept secret until the last minute.