Hotel newcomer 2019

  • CAPITALOTEL - ibis Brussels Centre Châtelain

    Fruit of an international design contest organized by ibis, the latest Plaza concept was chosen out of the three winners, and characterizes the spirit of this new hotel, first of its kind in Europe.The 64 bedrooms were  designed to make you feel “at home”, thanks in part to their multimedia equipment and cozy atmosphere.
    The public space, located at street level, houses a sumptuous bar heavily inspired by early 20th century Art-Deco, of which Brussels - thanks to pioneers such as Victor Horta - was instrumental in its spreading across Europe.
    Open 24/7 to both guests and non-guests, the bar plays a leading role within the hotel, as it also serves as the reception. However, be it at the bar itself, or in one of our coach areas in the lobby, the check-ins are done face to face with the help of a smartphone, bringing the staff ever closer to their guests, and relegating the traditional desk separation to a thing of the past.
    We thus embody our motto in every way we can: Welcome.

  • Appart’city confort Bruxelles Centre Gare du Midi

    Appart’City has opened its first Brussels hotel enterprise, just around the corner from the Gare du Midi. Already in Arlon in Belgium, and in France with more than 100 appart-hotels, Appart’City is continuing its fast development by choosing a premiere destination: Brussels! The urban appart-hotel sector is very dynamic and has been constantly growing since the beginning of the noughties, in Europe and the rest of the world. Appart’City is one of the biggest players in this field. The Appart’City concept: all the comfort of an apartment with the range of hotel amenities, for a night, a week, or more. The offer is available in 2 to 4 star establishments. The clients, whether they are there for business or pleasure, should be able to feel as free on their travels as they do at home. The brand’s slogan: “Appart’City: feeling free, really free, really really free”. It’s with this fun and quirky slogan, freedom, that Appart’City invites its clients to feel as if they were at home.

  • Hotel Indigo Brussels City

    Hotel Indigo Brussels City opened it's doors in November 2019. The flourishing green facade of the hotel stands in lovely contrast to the sea of glass and steel office buildings that have sprouted up around the bustling Place Rogier.

    The Indigo brand takes pride in, beyond exceeding the criteria for a four- star boutiquesh hotel, offering a well-integrated local experience within the hotel’s direct environment. In light of the hotel's immediate proximity, to the Brussels Botanical Garden, it seemed an obvious choice to draw inspiration from there for the design of both the hotel's rooms and public areas, designed by Will Erens, TooManyAgencies.

    SERRA, the vast 750 square meters space on the ground floor, gives place of pride to all kinds of florae that thrive as they would in a greenhouse. The location opens like a living room, a place to escape, and offers visitors the opportunity to flee the city centre’s hustle and bustle. Split up into two areas, the eatery offers two distinct dining experiences: a “slow food” restaurant at the front, Urban Picnic, and an environmentally-conscious restaurant concept at the back, the Garden Kitchen.