International event 2019

  • Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco (BANAD) Festival

    The Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco (BANAD) Festival is a unique event which highlights the Art nouveau and Art deco heritage in the Brussels-Capital Region. It takes place every year, only on weekends in March.
    Guided tours around Art nouveau and Art deco interiors, normally closed to the public, are at the festival’s core. A unique opportunity to (re)discover these gems in our architecture!
    In addition, other activities are organised that showcase Art nouveau and Art deco heritage: guided tours (outside), concerts, conferences, events, family activities, an antiques fair, activities for disabled people, school activities...
    Nowhere else in Europe has anything like it!

  • Festival International Pinksteren Steampunk

    Organised by the Museum of Fantastic Art, the International Pinksteren Steampunk Festival had its first edition in Brussels at the Centre for Fantastic Art and in various places around the Saint-Gilles district, from 8th - 10th June 2019. With free entry, the festival aimed to bring together artists, craftspeople, entertainment and performances, all with a common link: steampunk.
    With its literary origins, later having an influence on the arts as a whole, steampunk is an alternative reality that is based on the premise that, in a reinvented future, the whole of society is ruled by steam technology. With a Victorian aesthetic, most of the time Steampunk’s reinvented world resembles a Jules Vernian or retrofuturistic universe.

  • Brussels Grand Départ 2019

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Eddy Merckx's first victory on the Grande Boucle, the City of Brussels has entrusted Brussels Major Events with the general coordination of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France.

    61 years after the previous Grand Départ and 9 years after the last visit to the capital.

    So, from 3 to 7 July, after more than a year of promotional events, our capital hosted this unique and iconic cycling festival. Among the highlights were the Presentation of the teams on the Grand-Place, the first stage Brussels-Charleroi-Brussels and the time trial.

    Hosting the world's third largest international sporting event was an opportunity to raise the profile of our capital and to pay tribute to the greatest sportsman in Belgian history, Eddy Merckx!

  • World Poker Tour

    World Poker Tour is operating a series of international poker tournaments around the world. It's an event for all poker lovers in the country as well neighboring Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, UK,....

  • Brussels Cocktail Week

    Brussels Cocktail Week: Seven days dedicated to mixology, food & cocktail pairings, in more than forty places with plenty of bartenders from the city & beyond!

    Brussels Cocktail Week is the biggest celebration of our capital’s fantastic cocktail scene !
    With more than 25 bars and 12 restaurants signed up, this is the ultimate week to enjoy a delicious drink!
    Tastings, Masterclasses, parties : there is an event for everyone !