Most noted exhibition 2019

  • Le Dernier Pharaon

    From the end of May 2019 to January 2020 the Maison Autrique welcomed the exhibition "Le Dernier Pharaon". The exhibition, dedicated to the last comic strip of François Schuiten, showed preparatory documents, original plates and some museum pieces of Egyptology. It was an opportunity to glimpse François Schuiten's collaboration with Thomas Gunzig and Jaco Van Dormael for the script and with Laurent Durieux for the colour. Beyond a simple hanging, this presentation of the Last Pharaoh and the genesis of the album aims above all to immerse the visitor in the world of François Schuiten, whose heroes now include Edgar P. Jacobs. Brussels architecture meets ancient Egypt, the new world gives a new light to the Blake and Mortimer of the Golden Age. Parallel to the exhibition, we proposed a series of conferences that dealt themes addressed in the exhibition. In addition, a family activity, the Atelier Autrique, was proposed every second Sunday of the month from June to January, a guided tour followed by a creative workshop adapted to the whole family. A special moment to create a comic strip cover inspired by the album "Le Dernier Pharaon". We also edited a children's activity trail in French, Dutch and English for the exhibition "The Last Pharaoh".

  • So British! Cars & Lifestyle

    The exhibition “So British! Cars & lifestyle” has been organised at a critical moment in English politics. Autoworld was completely transformed into a typical London Christmas Shopping atmosphere. Scenery that was particularly realistic was created, with backdrops more than 5m high showing photos of the English capital. With this, the visitor appeared to come out of an Underground station to find themselves in Piccadilly Circus, with its massive advertising videos. Further afield, they crossed Abbey Road. There, they entered its mewses, or a square of amazing Victorian houses. The shop windows were full of all kinds of English products. Visitors can take unique photos in the photocorner and/or have a drink in the bar next to the fountain in Piccadilly Circus. Everywhere, along the streets, in the squares and the mewses... Nearly 60 historic British cars and motorbikes tell the story of the English motor vehicle since the second world war. Detailed research has gone into the cars, so as to be able to showcase long-gone vehicles and makes, cars that will ignite your imagination, everyday cars and exceptional supercars, to the public. In the Media room, visitors can watch an old film that we have been able to put together with the support of international museums in England, which provided the material to be used.

  • The World of Bruegel in Black and White

    Everyone knows Bruegel as a world-famous painter, but in his own time, he was best known for his prints. 'The World of Bruegel in Black and White' exhibition is the chance to admire Bruegel's prints up close. KBR is a leading pioneer in rediscovering Bruegel's lesser-known masterpieces. Their complete print collection is going to be shown during the year of Bruegel. Three original drawings by the Flemish master will also be on display. It's a unique opportunity! Around 450 years ago, during the 16th century, Flanders was the center of print production and trade. Bruegel and his publisher, Hieronymus Cock, played a key role in this period. THeir masterful craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit are at the heart of the exhibition. The exhibition will also take you through the rooms at the Palace of Karel van Lotharingen, a unique 18th-century space in the heart of Brussels.