New event & Touristic location 2018

  • KANAL - Centre Pompidou

    KANAL - Centre Pompidou, the future Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, is located in the 35,000m² of the former Citroën garage in Brussels. Pending the start of renovation works, which are scheduled to end in 2022-2023, KANAL opened its doors on 5 May for a 13-month preview. In collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, the public will be able to discover this mythical building through several exhibitions, large installations, ten new creations by Brussels artists and a programme of live shows.

  • The Palace

    Palace is a new cinema complex in the heart of Brussels, at the junction of the pedestrian district, the Flemish district, the multicultural Lemonnier district, Boulevard Anspach and the tourist areas of Bourse and the Grand Place. Palace intends to offer a programme of films that is rich and eclectic, like the residents of the district in which it is located. The building acts as a link between the different districts of Brussels city centre and has three different entrances: Boulevard Anspach, Borgval and Rue Van Praet. Different settings and atmospheres allow it to be part of the cultural and hospitality boom in its neighbourhood.  Palace has three separate functions: cinema screens, a restaurant and meeting/reception areas. Its aim is to be both fun and educational.

  • Renovation of the Jacques Brel Foundation: 40 years of archives

    Since it opened in Brussels in 1981, the Fondation Jacques Brel has organised exhibitions, edited works and welcomed the public, all completely independently. Driven by a desire to pass on information to future generations, it collects, inventories and digitises a large number of archives linked the artist's life and work. Thanks to the development of new technologies, forty years after Jacques Brel's death the Fondation Brel team, in fully renovated premises, can now present to the public part of its archives, organised, presented and displayed according to four different activities: Brel the singer, Brel the author, Brel the actor and With Brel in Brussels, so visitors can discover the many facets of the man and the talent of the artist that was Brel.
    The Fondation wants everyone to feel welcome, whether they are tourists passing through Brussels or great connoisseurs of Brel's work.