Public initiative 2018

  • SuperVliegSuperMouche - Park Festival Poétik

    SuperVliegSuperMouche has evolved into the ultimate Brussels arts festival for families, and it's entirely bilingual and free. In 2018, the 7th edition of the festival lasted for an entire weekend. More than 25,000 visitors headed down to the Park de Forest to enjoy a beautifully sunny and astonishing weekend in green surroundings with 40 poetic, surprising and mischievous shows, and interactive workshops. The real benefit of SuperVliegSuperMouche is the widely supported and extremely diverse partnership embraced by the festival along with over 200 colourful volunteers. The dynamic spirit of the partners, visitors, volunteers and artists grows every year, resulting in this large artistic celebration centred on human warmth. The festival shows the power of synergy in a vibrant capital ... not a one-day wonder but the wondrous tip of the iceberg!

  • Bike Experience

    Created in 2010, Bike Experience is an essential part of the Brussels cycling scene. The team's goal is to assuage people's fears about travelling by bicycle; it meets on the first Wednesday of the month from March to November so that people can ride amongst the traffic on their bike and then enjoy an aperitif surrounded by experienced cyclists. It is coordinated by Pro Velo and Brussels Mobility and aims to provide real support before, during and after the event.
    Cycling is becoming increasingly popular and this monthly meeting organised by Bike Experience is the perfect opportunity for meet-ups, fun and challenges. Bike Experience is available to answer questions, demystify bikes and strengthen the cycling community, wanting to be seen as the solution for calm, relaxed cycling.

  • Renovation of Bourse station

    Bourse station, located in the centre of Brussels, the Belgian and European capital, and close to a number of centres of interest such as the Grand Place, Manneken Pis, the AB and the Beursschouwburg, needed renovation to bring it in line with the new Brussels urban dynamic.
    The renovation project for Bourse pre-metro station transcended the notion of station, by pushing the new urban activities of an intermodal station to their limit: pre-metro (tram), bicycle parking, bicycle point and workshop and a presentation space for cultural diversity, called "Qartier".
    This renovation was based on a trailblazing architectural programme that was translated into original spatial research and a great sense of detail in both the materials used and the equipment fitted, offering an authentic walk from the city centre for Brussels residents and visitors alike.

  • The Port of Brussels Festival

    On Sunday 20 May 2018, the Port of Brussels held the 15th Port Festival. This was an exceptional event, as it marked its 15th anniversary. It once again allowed the public to discover or rediscover the port, as well as to see the roles involved in promoting water transport, the most environmentally-friendly method of transport, and in employment and the economy. These roles are very important for sustainable development and the promotion of better mobility. As in previous events, entrance and all the activities were free. Throughout the day, dozens of free events were open to the public in an area of almost 10,000 m², divided between the Quai de Heembeek, the Bassin Béco and the BRYC. This anniversary event ended with a closing concert by DJ Compuphonic on a platform suspended above the canal between the Quai Béco and the Quai des Péniches.

  • Winter Pop
    WINTER POP is an intimate and welcoming travelling village that set up in four districts of the City of Brussels - Square Ambiorix, The Marolles, Neder-Over-Heembeek and Laeken for the second year in a row. At the end of the year and for four successive weekends, several small vintage caravans, revamped for the occasion, created a fun atmosphere with a number of events for all ages: story-telling, music, circus, cultural exchanges with local actors, small food stalls, etc., recreating the festive atmosphere of the Winter Wonders Christmas Market.
    The City of Brussels wanted to take the end-of-year magic to these four districts so it could share the wonders of the festival with as many people as possible.

  • Belgium - Uniquely Phenomenal

    Launched in 2017, the "Belgium - Uniquely Phenomenal" campaign aims to promote Belgium, and consequently Brussels, both nationally (increasing pride in being Belgian) and internationally (increasing the country's appeal for tourists and investors).
    It targeted the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, United States, Canada, Japan, China and India.
    The campaign highlighted Belgium's many attractions through humour and modesty, as the residents of this country are, quite simply, proud of it. Out of coyness, perhaps, but primarily because Belgians cultivate self-mockery. They prefer to laugh than brag. As the actor Charlie Dupont so wisely put it, "My country’s not on any map, it's a state of mind". So there are two words that fit Belgium perfectly: Uniquely and Phenomenal.

  • Taste.Brussels

    Taste.Brussels is an initiative to boost and promote the Brussels-Capital Region by attracting the best foreign concepts, fashion and design. For this first event, the Agency went to Berlin to canvass a number of brands and make them an offer they could not refuse: the opportunity to get a taste of Brussels free of charge. The Agency brought home three jewels of Berlin fashion in its suitcase. A promise is a promise: for two months they received shop space, fittings appropriate for their needs and customised support from Taste.Brussels experts.  These concepts were on a human scale but could easily be exported; they comprised an original and high-quality offer that, when combined with the commercial fabric of Brussels, enhanced their appeal whilst offering the Region's clients an extraordinarily bold service. Taste.Brussels can be developed for cities around the world.