Solidarity Initiative 2021

  • ZUUR, the bitter taste of closed cafés - ZUUR, De smaak van de lege café's
    Project dates: 8 February to 2 May 2021 
    ‘ZUUR, the bitter taste of closed cafés’, was one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns ever held in Belgium. Raising EUR 683,090, no less than 8,506 people saved 82 cafés from closure. This fantastic result was celebrated at the ZUUR Evening, a festive evening when all Brussels citizens were able to enter and leave their favourite café with a delicious ZUUR beer in hand. Anyone who had given a financial boost to any of the participating cafés received a bottle of ZUUR, specially brewed for the occasion.  It’s a mixture of Lambic, from the Cantillon brewery, and an En Stoemelings lager.  


  • J’appelle un étudiant - ASBL 1Toit2Ages
    Project dates: 1 January to 30 May 2021
    The non-profit organisation 1Toit2Ages aims to promote intergenerational relationships by putting students looking for accommodation in touch with seniors who have a spare room, and vice versa. In 2021, in order to combat everyone’s loneliness during lockdown, the non-profit organisation launched its project ‘Solidarité Covid’ (Covid Solidarity). Numerous actions were set up. On the student side, young people were faced with major financial difficulties in paying their rent or simply feeding themselves. 1ToitAges therefore organised the delivery of food parcels. Following the ‘Call a senior’ campaign launched in April 2020, the organisation set up the major ‘Call a student’ campaign, in order to support students who had lost motivation. On the senior side, the most disadvantaged also received a parcel. The whole team planned regular calls to the elderly to ensure that they were not suffering from the ongoing situation. Finally, New Year’s gifts were delivered door to door. That was the perfect opportunity for a get-together or a chat on the doorstep, with the necessary social distancing.

  • Caring Hat - Maison Fabienne Delvigne - Abellina SPRL
    Project date: since 3 March 2021
    The project involves offering hats from the “Caring Hat” collection to people with alopecia following difficult medical treatment or a serious illness. They are high-quality, adapted and made-to-measure. It is an alternative solution to wigs and headbands offering appropriate technical performance at a competitive price, and psychological support. The “Caring Hat Fund” non-profit association was created to help disadvantaged people acquire them too. Following the intervention of the non-profit association and Maison Fabienne Delvigne, a bill was also tabled in parliament in order for the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (INAMI) coverage for the purchase of wigs to be extended to the purchase of head coverings. Several mutual insurance companies have also already agreed in principle to supplement the INAMI contribution once the latter is approved. “Normally we carry hats, but in certain circumstances the hats carry us”, explains Fabienne Delvigne.

  • A Magical Christmas for Charity at Wiltcher's Palace - Steigenberger Wiltcher's
    Project dates: 18 October to 31 December 2021
    The health crisis is further deepening social inequality. The Steigenberger Wiltcher’s is continuing to fight this inequality by supporting, with a new charity project, the LA FLÈCHE – Maison d'Enfants Reine Marie-Henriette association. The Steigenberger Wiltcher’s mobilised all of its teams to offer the children taken in by the association an exceptional Christmas in the hotel. The children were able to participate in a range of activities: a chocolate-making workshop followed by the distribution of gifts to each of the 50 children, before seeing a preview of the film “A Very Belgium Christmas Treat – The Grand Hotel Edition”.  The day ended with a magical afternoon tea. The film “A Very Belgium Christmas Treat – The Grand Hotel Edition”, filmed free of charge entirely in the hotel, was broadcast on multiple platforms (YouTube, Facebook, regional TV channels) for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. An appeal for donations was made when the film was broadcast. All funds raised will go to the LA FLÈCHE association to help the children in the daily lives in 2022.

  • Les Hirond’ELLES women’s cycling in the maritime district - MolemBIKE
    Project date: 17 February to 18 December 2021
    “Maritime by Bike” is an introductory cycling class for women in the maritime district, Molenbeek and the disadvantaged crescent around the canal. The project offers two weekly cycling training classes led by an experienced female cycling trainer. Beginners are taken care of starting with the basics until they gain confidence in traffic. The Hirond'ELLES are women who have learnt to ride with MolemBike and who have become independent cyclists. They continue to go on weekly outings in Brussels and beyond.