• Bruxelles Ma Belle

    Bruxelles Ma Belle is an annual walk in Brussels organised by the Walking Club of the Fédération Francophone Belge de Marches Populaires, also known as "La Bruegélienne".
    This walk takes place every year in mid-December and is an opportunity for walkers and visitors to enjoy Brussels with its illuminations and end-of-year activities. It is an afternoon walk through the city and combines the benefits of walking with the pleasure of discovering Brussels. The 12 or 16 km circuits are fully signposted and allow walkers to discover a number of historic locations and monuments in the City of Brussels as they pass the European Communities, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of St. Gudula, the Bourse, Manneken Pis, the Grand Place and the Town Hall and enjoy the "Winter Wonders" as they walk through the Christmas Market.

  • Koezio - a unique indoor leisure park in Belgium

    Koezio, an indoor leisure concept unique in Europe, welcomes visitors to a team adventure park over 5,000 m² in size and plunges them into the thrilling world of a training centre for special agents. Koezio is a team adventure game "with added human value", which offers an experience and emotions such as team spirit, action, reflection strategy, humour, self-confidence, mutual knowledge and pushing one's limits. Koezio offers a unique mission to be shared with family, friends or colleagues and is perfect for a day out, birthday, special event or team-building. Aware of the increasing tendency towards individualism, Koezio set itself the goal of developing cohesion and trust in oneself and others. The experiences on offer encourage cooperation, with challenges that require individual challenges in order to succeed as a team.

  • Magritte. Atomium meets Surrealism

    René Magritte and the Atomium, two monuments of Belgian heritage, projected visitors into an experience that required all the senses and was suitable for all ages. The Atomium paid a unique tribute to René Magritte, the icon of Belgian surrealism famous around the world, fifty years after his death. The Atomium invited visitors to discover this exceptional exhibition from 21 September 2017 to 9 September 2018. Some of his most striking works came to life. Transformed into decor and unveiled, they allowed visitors to experience the surrealist world of René Magritte. This exhibition on the masterpieces of René Magritte allowed visitors to experience, interpret and plunge into the surrealist world of the greatest Belgian artist, uncover the message hidden behind the works of art and discover the exceptional decors. René Magritte and the Atomium, two icons of Belgian heritage.