Divercities is a platform for cultural discovery, made by people and with a lot of heart. What is its objective? To help people discover the city in a different way, by putting culture at the centre! Thanks to a mobile application and an online version, explore the city through themed routes such as street art, tattoos, local cuisine, unusual places... The special feature? Its own format!
    Divercities proposes to let you discover the territories through Creative Capsules. The capsules take you to discover a place, an event, an artist, with the help of geolocation, while accessing music, podcasts, videos and photos at the same time. And all this, while participating in the best remuneration of artists, thanks to an innovative and unique economic model: the Territorial Creative Contribution.
    Brussels is full of local cultural riches, and now Divercities has the application that allows you to (re)discover them.


  • Ferme abattoir

    Ferme Abattoir, located on the roof of the Foodmet, is the largest aquaponics farm (fruit, vegetables and fish in the same production ecosystem) in Europe. It combines vegetable cultivation and greenhouse cultivation, fed by fish farming with natural fertilisers, without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers or antibiotics. The farm can be visited, including a visit to the cellars with Le Champignon de Bruxelles and Eclo, all year round. A series of experiences in cultivation, fish farming (excellent striped bass) or cooking, complete the visit of the tomato and aromatic herb greenhouses. A glass corridor makes it possible to understand the ecological aspects of energy recovery in the market's cold rooms, the use of rainwater and drilling water or the transformation of fish droppings into natural fertile food for plants. You will be guided by professionals, in groups of 5 to 20 people.

  • #DeLaReussiteParmiVous

    #DeLaReussiteParmiVous is an awareness-raising campaign aimed at combating stereotypes by presenting 18 role models of society. The heart of this campaign is a photo of Vaya Sigmas, inspired by that of Annie Leibovitz's American photograph taken for the Oscar ceremony. This corporate photo was the subject of several variations depending on the phases of the campaign. The objectives of this campaign were to highlight the expertise of people from diverse backgrounds and trivialise success within minorities, to challenge preconceived ideas and present new reference models. This project is innovative because it is presented with glamour in order to get out of the miserable prism in which these issues are often addressed. Photography is used to raise awareness and change perceptions. The campaign is a project using multiple media types. A photo exhibition was also set up in a popular tourist destination along the gates of Brussels Park.

  • Turpitour

    Launched in February 2018, Turpitour is a tour of the Belgian capital's turpitudes aboard a 35-seat bus tour, which combines a stand-up presentation and a guided tour. On board the Turpitour, passengers travel around the city to laugh about it. Around them, historical monuments, parks, institutions. Places marked by absurd situations, intrigue and shenanigans. . Here and there, we hear sound montages and parody songs. A kind of theatre whose setting is the city. A decor in constant motion. The Turpitour allows you to see well-known sites, such as the European Parliament or the Royal Palace, but also to discover surprising place off the beaten track. On board, passengers are offered Belgian specialities: pain à la grecque, cuberdons, liquorice laces. It's a unique concept in Europe.

  • L’Echappée Bière

    Following the model of wine tourism found mainly in French wine-producing regions, L’Echappée Bière offers individuals, groups and professionals an opportunity to discover the heritage of the beer-producing regions, particularly Brussels and the Belgian border provinces, from an unusual angle - beer and the culture and skills that go with it.
    In concrete terms, L’Echappée Bière organises visits to brewery visits, treasure hunts, beer casinos, murder parties and many other activities based on the original theme of beer.
    From brewery visits and tasting sessions to all-inclusive seminars and incentive or team-building days, the theme remains the same for every event: creating a unique and unforgettable experience for clients.

  • Bruxelles Ma Belle

    Bruxelles Ma Belle is an annual walk in Brussels organised by the Walking Club of the Fédération Francophone Belge de Marches Populaires, also known as "La Bruegélienne".
    This walk takes place every year in mid-December and is an opportunity for walkers and visitors to enjoy Brussels with its illuminations and end-of-year activities. It is an afternoon walk through the city and combines the benefits of walking with the pleasure of discovering Brussels. The 12 or 16 km circuits are fully signposted and allow walkers to discover a number of historic locations and monuments in the City of Brussels as they pass the European Communities, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of St. Gudula, the Bourse, Manneken Pis, the Grand Place and the Town Hall and enjoy the "Winter Wonders" as they walk through the Christmas Market.

  • Vroum'ekes

    For Vroum'ekes, Belgium's charm lies in its inhabitants.  Welcoming, eccentric and pleasure-loving, these "little Belgians", as they call them, have more than one string to their bow. According to Vroum'ekes, Belgium is a land conducive to surrealist - collective - creating and food-loving projects, initiatives far too understated for their liking.  Vroum'ekes aims to highlight these Belgian projects, initiatives and skills by taking small groups of seven people on what are called "local tours" in a former VW minibus. These tours are a personal, local and fun journey of discovery during which participants take the time to meet the people involved, savour a dish, be moved by a location or chat about Belgian absurdities. The old minibuses bring an air of nostalgia to these adventures and allow the groups to be small. There are several tours in Brussels, including the "Brussels Retro Tour".

  • Boa karaoke room

    Box On Air karaoke is a asian style karaoke. It is a brand new way of doing karaoke in Belgium.
    Indeed, you don't sing in front of an unknown audience anymore but in private rooms with friend, colleagues or family. At BOA's 6 rooms with different styles and sizes welcome private party from 6 to 25 guests. You can enjoy a two hours session in the intimacy of a high tech but yet well decorated private room. With a playlist of 30000 titles, a self order menu, professional microphones and various light spots it is time for you to "bring out your inner artist". B.O.A karaoke is a unique place in Belgium to celebrate birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, team building or juste a night out.

  • Aperohit Music, Networking, Innovation

    AperoHIT is first and foremost a concept for musical networking events that bring together up-and-coming urban music artists, creative industry professionals, specialised media, innovative entrepreneurs and young fans of urban culture with the goal of creating synergies, in other words opportunities, at national, European and international level.
    The goal of this project is to promote cultural diversity and the entrepreneurial spirit among young people. With concerts, exhibitions, workshops and screenings, six events were held in six different venues in Brussels in 2018.

  • Bruxelles Autrement - the intimate guide to Brussels

    "Bruxelles Autrement - le guide intime de Bruxelles” is an alternative tourist guide. The project takes the form of a book and an exhibition, exploring the city through the stories of new arrivals and long-term residents taking literacy classes. Stuttering voice, stuttering city. This is a way of recording literacy learners in the capital, highlighting their perceptions through forms of social art that make them want to express themselves in French. These learners possess knowledge and anecdotes and have their own specific way of looking at the city. Their journeys are far removed from the traditional tourist trail, instead linking key parts of the capital and amassing wonderful addresses with the scent of distant lands.
    The guide combines memories of their cities of origin with visions of their current life, as if Brussels implicitly contained all these stories just waiting to be told.

  • Koezio - a unique indoor leisure park in Belgium

    Koezio, an indoor leisure concept unique in Europe, welcomes visitors to a team adventure park over 5,000 m² in size and plunges them into the thrilling world of a training centre for special agents. Koezio is a team adventure game "with added human value", which offers an experience and emotions such as team spirit, action, reflection strategy, humour, self-confidence, mutual knowledge and pushing one's limits. Koezio offers a unique mission to be shared with family, friends or colleagues and is perfect for a day out, birthday, special event or team-building. Aware of the increasing tendency towards individualism, Koezio set itself the goal of developing cohesion and trust in oneself and others. The experiences on offer encourage cooperation, with challenges that require individual challenges in order to succeed as a team.

  • Skateboarders

    Skateboards is a 13-year old association whose aim is to use a range of means to promote the practice and philosophy of skateboarding in Brussels and elsewhere. The association was looking for an infrastructure to develop a socio-cultural space based on the practice of skateboarding, together with other disciplines such as art, music and local cooperation. In addition to the introductions, training courses and events organised by the association, it has recently developed the "Skate and Save" concept, which aims to collect money in order to reduce skaters' environmental impact by replanting trees in the Amazon. It uses a range of different means: silkscreen printing with limited boards, data collection events, an auction that included a second-hand pop-up skateshop, a call for donations and more.

  • Mary Pop-in

    Eatmosphere is a non profit recovering and donating food surplus to organisations helping people in need in structural way. Besides that, they create awareness around foodwaste by tickling the tastebuds in the Mary Pop-in concept. They cook there in a culinary way with zerowaste techniques and with foodsurplus. Once a month they invite a Masterchef (for ex. Sang Hoon Degeimbre) for a fourhands dinner from all over Belgium to their place. Winner Gault Millau Award culinary innovator sustainabilty 2018 Candidate World restaurant award Ethical thinking 2018

  • Virtual reality: the 1695 bombing

    In 1695, King Louis XIV of France decided to bomb Brussels to show his firepower to his enemies. For 3 days and 2 nights, Brussels was in flames. After this drama, the people of Brussels rebuilt the city quickly and more beautifully than ever. The Grand Place as we know it today was born from this drama. This historic event is relatively unknown to the public, so the museum offered an original virtual reality experience based on the bombing, giving visitors a new interpretation of events. As if in a time machine, users find themselves back on the square in the 17th century. Suddenly, a cannonball strikes the cobbles. The impact is intense. Over there, a wooden house goes up in flames. Night falls, ashes are flying around. By morning, the Place is in ruins, but not for long. Visitors take part in the reconstruction of the buildings and are eventually reunited with the modern-day Grand Place.

  • « Horta Inside out » & « Audrey Hepburn 2018 »

    As part of Horta 2018 and Audrey Hepburn's birthday, the non-profit association "Itinéraires sur les sentiers de l'Histoire" created free trails for the public, with the support of the Brussels-Capital Region and the municipality of Ixelles. These fixed-date visits allowed visitors to enjoy an excellent guided visit for which the guides were paid an honest wage. No false taglines for "free tours" where the participant is asked to leave a tip and the guide to bend the tax rules. These were real professional guides. There is a schedule for Horta Inside Out, with departures every Wednesday. For Audrey Hepburn's birthday there were two days of visits, in February and March 2018.  These visits allowed the creation of a real cultural rendez-vous with the public and the development of a truly free schedule with fixed dates. These were two wonderful goals for revealing and promoting our heritage.


    HANDY.BRUSSELS is a valuable tool, not only for visitors with specific needs in the capital, but also for the people accompanying them and tourist operators. This comprehensive guide brings together practical information on the accessibility of transport, accommodation, restaurants, cafes, shops and leisure and cultural venues in the Brussels-Capital Region. The guide was created in a paper version in 2003 under the name "Brussels for All" and developed over the years with the addition of new pages and an easier layout for visitors to browse. The online version, which was launched in 2005, underwent a major transformation in 2018 with a new name, a new structure and, most importantly, a responsive web design suitable for all types of device (mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, computer monitors). This new project was presented at the visit.brussels Awards 2019.

  • Magritte. Atomium meets Surrealism

    René Magritte and the Atomium, two monuments of Belgian heritage, projected visitors into an experience that required all the senses and was suitable for all ages. The Atomium paid a unique tribute to René Magritte, the icon of Belgian surrealism famous around the world, fifty years after his death. The Atomium invited visitors to discover this exceptional exhibition from 21 September 2017 to 9 September 2018. Some of his most striking works came to life. Transformed into decor and unveiled, they allowed visitors to experience the surrealist world of René Magritte. This exhibition on the masterpieces of René Magritte allowed visitors to experience, interpret and plunge into the surrealist world of the greatest Belgian artist, uncover the message hidden behind the works of art and discover the exceptional decors. René Magritte and the Atomium, two icons of Belgian heritage.

  • MM GALLERY - Contemporary Abstraction Art

    The MM GALLERY opened on 1 April 2015 on one of the most popular squares in the capital, the famous Place du Jeu de Balle, where the Old Market has taken place every day for almost 150 years.
    Steven Spielberg immortalised it at the start of his film "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn". Marc Minjauw, a self-made Brussels man aged 56 and the founder of the MM GALLERY, achieved his dream by using his commercial and financial skills, acquired during his various activities distributing and promoting films (co-producer of 200 hours of programmes for television and cinema, including FRANKLIN la tortue, CORTO MALTESE and PETIT POTAM) to promote contemporary abstract artists. Abstraction and bright colours made every exhibition a time of discovery and pleasure for the public.

  • UITP – New Year Reception 2018

    The UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) New Year’s Reception is a well-established event exclusive for UITP members that happens every January. The 2018 edition was a special and unique case. Under the topic ‘Sustainable Mobility’ UITP decided, in collaboration with STIB, to organise the 2018 edition in the iconic Metro Station of the Heysel. With the works of the Artist Jean François Octave in the background and the STIB Metro Boa parked on the platform wherein the event hosted the reception. It also had live cooking and drinks on the platform. There was truly a special ambiance and all the participants enjoyed the novelty factor. This was a very challenging project for all the parties involved due to the unique location of the venue. There was a highly specific checklist with regards to security and setup compliance to which had to be followed. The excellent coordination between UITP and STIB was the cornerstone which allowed this unique event to succeed.

  • United Music of Brussels

    "To enthral": it is with this aim that artists from the Belgian National Orchestra, La Monnaie and BOZAR took to the streets during the third United Music of Brussels event on 8 September 2018. They caused surprise in unexpected places in Brussels, with mini-concerts that combined classical music with a dynamic DJ set and the sounds of jazz with the movements of a dancer. They transformed a great opera into a light musical comedy, a historic concert hall into a film decor. In this way, the musicians came into contact with the city and the public met the city's musicians. A stopover in Brussels to marvel at the innovative force of music.

  • Guided visits to Jewish Brussels

    The Maison de la Culture Juive (MCJ - House of Jewish Culture) specialises in spreading Jewish culture. The non-profit association develops around one hundred activities, most of them in Brussels. 2018 was a turning point for the MCJ, as it expanded its fun cultural activities such as film screenings, Jewish humour, music and themed guided visits. The MCJ and its team of qualified guides and historians retraced the key moments in the presence of the Jewish population in Brussels from the Middle Ages to the present day. The era of Belgian independence left traces of famous and symbolic people and particularly unusual places. The MCJ considers this knowledge to be an integral part of Brussels heritage. The project test phase was launched in 2017 and, following good results, the association launched the real start-up phase in early 2018. It saw a peak in participation in these new guided visits in the last quarter of 2018.

  • WoodCutter

    The Viking's favourite pastime is now available to all city dwellers looking for adventure. Opened on 28 December 2018 and located between the Sablon and the Bourse, WoodCutter is the first urban centre to launch axes in the capital. Forget darts and bowling, come and fill up on adrenaline and enjoy an unforgettable moment and a drink with friends.
    A unique experience that allows you to escape the stress of the city, to get away from the pressure of work and especially to disconnect from our smartphones.
    WoodCutter is a breath of fresh air in the capital, as beneficial as a walk in the forest where the smell of pollution is replaced by the smell of freshly cut wood.