Coronavirus: supports and informs the tourism sector

Coronavirus: supports and informs the tourism sector

Date of latest update: 22 November 2021 and Brussels' tourism actors, whatever their size, are working together. The health crisis has affected everyone, all sectors and stakeholders. Concrete support is available.  

Conference and congress organisers, international associations, hotels, tourist attractions, museums and cultural players, activity organisers, event halls, caterers, restaurants... Together we are stronger! 



  • Covid Safe Ticket


    What is a Covid Safe Ticket (CST)?

    The CST is the variation of the European Covid certificate, intended for travel abroad. This same certificate is now used for access to certain events or places in the Brussels-Capital Region.

    It aims to check that the citizen is in possession of one of the following certificates :

    a vaccination certificate attesting a complete vaccination with a vaccine recognised by the European Union. A vaccination certificate is only valid from the 14th day after the last injection;

    a certificate of a negative PCR test carried out within 48 hours or an antigen test (rapid test) carried out within 24 hours. The antigenic tests must be carried out by a legally authorised person. Organisers may, but are not obliged to, offer these tests at the entrance;

    3° a certificate of recovery dating back no more than 180 days


    The certificates can be downloaded from the application or, in the case of vaccination certificates, sent by post by calling the call centre on 02/214.19.19. They contain a QR code that can be used to check the validity of the certificate.


    More information on covid certificates can be found at


    Test centres are available for travellers at Brussels National airport, Midi train station and at diverse pharmacies.

    A test centre /CST for PCR tests on Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 5 to 24H will be available for visitors and Brussels residents from 22 October to 31 December 2021 at Place Poelaert.

    All information related to test centres is availables on the dedicated section. (FR/NL)


    Brussels municipalities - CST information at local level: 


    e-mail: | Tel. +32 499 96 62 07
    Auderghem | Ouderghem
    e-mail: | Tel. +32 2 676 49 03
    Berchem-Sainte-Agathe |Sint-Agatha-Berchem
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 464 04 59
    Bruxelles | Brussel
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 279 26 01
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 627 24 35
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 498 58 86 17
    Forest | Vorst
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 348 17 49
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 600 25 08
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 515 67 76 
    e-mail: , | Tel.  +32 2 423 12 66
    e-mail: | Tel. +32 2 412 14 82
    Molenbeek-Saint-Jean |Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 412 12 45
    Schaerbeek | Schaarbeek 
    e-mail: | Tel.  -
    Saint-Gilles | Sint-Gillis
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 563 11 80
    Saint-Josse-ten-Node | Sint-Joost-ten-Node
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 220 28 39
    Uccle | Ukkel
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 348 67 52
    Watermael Boitsfort | Watermaal-Bosvoorde
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 674 74 10
    Woluwé-Saint-Lambert | Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe
    e-mail: | Tel.  -
    Woluwé-Saint-Pierre | Sint-Pieters-Woluwe
    e-mail: | Tel.  +32 2 773 06 15  





    A gradual recovery plan

    Since the beginning of the lockdown, there has been no shortage of ideas and decided to bring together several of the key players of business and leisure tourism in Brussels as well as international associations in order to collectively build the post-COVID-19 era. Thus, since April 2020, hundreds of stakeholders have been regularly exchanging ideas with their peers, supporting each other and developing different scenarios for a recovery. The objective is to initiate the recovery collectively and in a spirit of solidarity. The information sessions are held regularly. Their calendar and main themes are available here

    Would you like to contribute to the debate on how to develop a sustainable recovery? Then join us! Contact Céline Batteauw by email:


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