Brel Brel Brel

The Brel room is regularly used as a press conference room.

Its configuration, the state-of-the-art furniture and technological equipment, its brightness and the view of the main courtyard attract journalists from the capital.

The Brel room is also ideal for training sessions thanks to tables that can be arranged in a U-shape or classroom configuration.

The location of this room allows customers to choose to enjoy their coffee breaks in the specially designed relaxation area on the same floor, in the main courtyard or in the room itself.


  • Access

    Place Royale 11 

    Floor space



    • Wi-Fi
    • 75” screen
    • 2 wireless microphones

    !!! New: videoconference system !!!
    Extremely easy to use, the customer connects, via their laptop (and the desired programme - Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.), to the system via USB and HDMI cable. Adapters are available on request.

    • 2 motorised cameras at the front and the back of the room
    • ceiling microphone with noise interference cancellation
    • sound system


    Tables and chairs
    Flip chart available on request 

  • Capacity
    Classroom 30

    U-shape 21