Aux fenêtres de Bruxelles, appel d'air - Mathilde Lemesle (FR)


This video mapping projected on the facade of a house, plays with the typical elements of its environment. Through this playful relationship with light, Brussels inhabitants will get the opportunity to (re)discover, explore and appreciate different aspects and details of their city. This lets them see Brussels in a new light, and reveals previously unseen microcosms.

It plays with the paradoxes that windows evoke, swapping between the notions of indoors and outdoors, private and public and mixing them as night falls upon the fine line between reality and imagination and dreams.

Artist : Mathilde Lemesle (

Scenario : Mathilde Lemesle & Whats’art

Animation : Mathilde Lemesle & Sandra Suire

Illustration : Rémi Dif

Sound design : Aurélien Cordi

Practical information

  • Rue du Nom de Jésus/Naam van Jezusstraat