TETRO will be illuminating the square between Quai au Bois à Brûler and Quai aux Briques and creating a magical sanctuary opposite Saint Catherine’s church, along with NJÖRD, a creation by WECOMEINPEACE. This stop along the Bright Festival route reminds us of the magic of winter and brings back wonderful memories from our childhoods.

NJÖRD is a light installation that performs a ballet of light and feathers in a mysterious sanctuary and amazes visitors for a magical moment.

Artistic direction  : Wilfried Della Rossa

Conception :
Wilfried Della Rossa
Kimi Do
Thomas Mathieu 

Technical direction : Thomas Mathieu

Music : Squeaky Lobster

Production : TETRO+A

Practical information

  • Quai au bois à brûler et Quai aux briques
    Vismet square
    1000 Brussels