Stratum - Mirage Festival (FR) & Studio Chevalvert (FR)

Stratum - Mirage Festival (FR) & Studio Chevalvert (FR)

One hand movement and a whole light field changes form: that is the key to this installation. The shape and movements of an onlooker’s hand are caught by a sensor and take shape in the space, by means of illuminated rods. In this way, a gesture becomes a visual, visible and tactile effect, providing a fleeting, unique geology of movement.

Passers-by get the chance to try out a gesture and marvel, along with onlookers, at the waves of light that they themselves have created. This is a playful and interactive installation that will fascinate young and old.


Title : Stratum - création originale - Fête des Lumières 2017

Artist : Studio Chevalvert (

Contributors : Stéphane Buellet, Arnaud Juracek, Patrick Paleta & Julia Puyo Calvo.

Development : Hémisphère – Chevalvert

Produced by : Mirage Festival

Practical information

  • Rue du Marché aux Porcs/Varkensmarkt