Crystallized - Theoriz (FR)

Crystallized - Theoriz (FR)

Bismuth – a chemical element that appeals to the imagination through its intriguing form and shine – was the main inspiration behind this light installation. Hardly surprising then, that the artwork has the same hypnotising power and remains mysterious from all possible angles. Crystallized – made from steel, sound and holographic images – adapts through a creative application of the physical laws of light: first an atom, then a fluid, then a crystal.


Production : THÉORIZ ( / La DRAC / La Fête des Lumières de Lyon 2016
Booking : Visuaal (
Support : Fondation Seguin
Creative direction : David-Alexandre CHANEL & Jonathan RICHER
Visual : Victor DRAPEAU / Jonathan RICHER / David-Alexandre CHANEL
Structure : Julien AUBRY / Yves RICHER / La Main Collectif / David-Alexandre CHANEL / Jonathan RICHER
Music : Tristan SPELLA (Mat3r Dolorosa) / Victor DRAPEAU / David-Alexandre CHANEL
Video : Tom DUCHÊNE / Jonathan RICHER

Practical information

  • Former workshop of Christophe Coppens (Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains/Nieuwe Graanmarkt 22-23)