#WALKPro3D | WALKABOUT Projection 3D interactive performances give a fully mobile ‘Projected Augmented Reality’ experience, creating disruptive pop-up performances in any environment. Appearing as a mix between digital puppetry and virtual graffiti, 3D characters (powered by the Unity3D game engine) float, walk and crawl around real urban landscapes. Two small video projection systems are magically manipulated by hand gestures to allow realtime audience interactions. With no need for cables or screens the projected avatars can roam free in ways that surprise and delight onlookers, opening fresh dialogue between environment, narrative and perception. At Bright Brussels, passers-by are encouraged to participate and play with these new puppet friends who are always ready for a selfie.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

Artist : PRICKIMAGE (http://www.walkaboutprojection.co.uk/)

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