Transport in Brussels

Transport in Brussels Transport in Brussels

Brussels is very simple to navigate and easily accessible. If you want to travel around the capital, choose soft mobility and public transport over the car. Traffic in the city is heavy, so you can often get around more quickly by public transport, bicycle or even electric scooter.

From January 2021, Brussels will become a "30 city". This means that the speed limit in the capital is 30 km/h for all road users. Exceptions to this rule are certain major roads (where the speed limit could be 50 or 70 km/h, look out for speed limit signs) and residential areas, where the speed limit is 20 km/h.

These speed limits apply to all road users (cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes, mopeds, buses, bicycles, scooters, etc.) Only trams, emergency services and snowploughs are not subject to the new speed limits..

Below you'll find the various modes of transport you can use to criss-cross the city.



Public transport

Most public transport in the Brussels-Capital Region is organized by the STIB (Société des Transports intercommunaux bruxellois).
The network includes metro lines, which connect the eastern and western districts of the city. Pre-metro lines (trams in the tunnels) complete the metro service. A great many metro lines also have above ground bus and tram connections.
Timetables: 06:00 - midnight - consult the timetables shown at the stops..

STIB offices

Koningsstraat / Rue Royale 76 | 1000 Brussels
Info: 070 23 2000
Open from Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 19:00. Saturday: 08:00 - 16:00.
Check the STIB website -
Upload the app
Maps of the network are available free of charge from the information service at the metro stations 

Traveltime by Metro from downtown (De Brouckère)

  • 7 min: Schuman (European district)
  • 9 min: Merode (Cinquantenaire)
  • 15 min: Roodebeek (Woluwe Shopping Center)
  • 14 min: Louise (Shopping- uptown)
  • 17 min: Roi Baudouin (Bruparck- Atomium)
  • 19 min: Hermann-Debroux (Forêt de Soignes)

Buy your ticket:

  • In public transport with contactless payment. You can pay for your trip using your contactless bank card (debit or credit), smartphone or smartwatch. Every STIB bus, tram and metro station is equipped with a specific contactless payment device. This device supports any bank card with the contactless logo. For smartphones and smartwatches, compatible payment applications are Google Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.
  • In the various metro stations and at the STIB information offices.
  • Aat many newsagents.


  • STIB 1 journey : 2,10€ (contactless payment) / 2,60€ (paper ticket)
  • STIB 1 jour : 7,50€ (contactless payment) / 8€ (paper ticket)
  • Brupass 1 journey : 2,40€ (bought outside of the vehicle) (+ MOBIB basic = 5€)
  • Brupass 10 journeys : 15,60€ (+ MOBIB basic = 5€)
  • Brupass 1 day : 7,80€ (+ MOBIB basic = 5€)
  • Go2City 1 journey - bus 12 from Brussels Airport: 7 € (contactless payment) / 7,50 € (bought outside of the vehicle)
  • 1 journey STIB + SNCB : 4,20€

TEC and DE LIJN principally meet the requirements of commuters from the provinces coming into the city for work or shopping and returning home. Fares vary according to the length of the journey (the routes are divided into fare zones).

TEC: Tel 010 23 53 53
DE LIJN: info: Tel 070 220 200

During the weekend, nocturnal buses link the key part of the city until 03:00.

  • Hop on Hop off with Tootbus

    Tootbus offers two electric hop-on hop-off bus routes. Enjoy an open-air experience with a unique perspective, from the Atomium to the Grand-Place and from the Mont des Arts to the European Quarter.

  • Bike renting

  • Pro Velo

    T (0)2 502 73 55

    • Bois de la Cambre (Carrefour des Attelages)
    • Parc de la Woluwe (Lower part of the park)
    • Parc de la Pede (Anderlecht)

    Open from April to October: WE 12 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Bike renting all the year through at the Cyclists House, rue de Londres 15 • 1050
    Price: 7,00 €/h, 15,00 €/day


    Rent a bike everywhere in the city ! 
    Upload the app: Iphone of Android

    Ride with Billy

    Shared electric bikes you can pick up and drop off anywhere in Brussels. No docking stations. Your smartphone is the key.

  • By foot

    • Quartier Louise - Grand-Place : 15 minutes
    • Grand-Place - European district : 25 minutes
    • European district - Louise district : 25 minutes
    • Louise district - Marolles : 5 minutes
    • Marolles - Grand-Place : 10 minutes
    • Sablon - Bois de la Cambre : 40 minutes
    • Grand-Place - Sablon : 10 minutes
  • Taxis

  • Three elements make up the price of a taxi ride:

    • the price per km (1,8 € or 2,70 € depending on whether the journey is inside or outside the 19 districts of Brussels);
    • fixed charge: 2,40 € (4,40 € at night) ;
    • the waiting time: 30,00 € per hour; certain companies charge reduced fares for journeys to the airport.

    Tips and service are included in the price of the journey as shown on the meter, but a small extra tip is always well-received. For all complaints, first of all note the registration number of the taxi, its make and colour.

    Contact : 
    CCN - Service régional des Taxis et Limousines
    rue du Progrès 80 bte 1 • 1030 T 0800/94 001

    Brussels Taxi Companies:

    • Autolux : Tel. (0)2 411 41 42
    • Taxis Bleus : Tel. (0)2 268 00 00
    • Taxi Victor Cab : Tel. (0)2 425 25 25
    • Taxis Verts : Tel. (0)2 349 49 49

    Did you know that:

    The driver must start the meter at the start of the journey.
    you'll be given a printed receipt at the end of the journey.
    unless pre-booked, only taxis bearing the official Brussels taxi sign are licensed to take you.

  • Carpooling

    • Carpoolplaza is Belgium’s largest carpooling platform, providing daily. 4500 carpool offers. Find now carpoolpartners and make your journey from and toward work more pleasant and economical. More info : 
    • Cambio : you need a car from time to time?  Consider Cambio. Pay as you drive! With Cambio carsharing, you have a car ready where you want, when you want and without the costs and bother of an own car.  You drive, Cambio takes care of the car. More info:
    • DriveNow : Need a car in Brussels? DriveNow is a joint venture between the BMW Group and Sixt and has 300 BMW and MINI parked in the streets of Brussels. Registered customers can rent them whenever they want, drive them wherever they want and park them in the streets anywhere in the business area (60 km2). All cars can be located and reserved with the DriveNow app. All is included in the 33 cents per minute price: fuel, parking tickets, insurance and taxes. More info :
    • Eventpool : fun starts in your car! Carpool or share a cab from and toward your favourite events (festivals, concerts, sport events, etc.). Share the fun, share your ride! More info : A product of Taxistop. More info :
    • Ubeeqo : a car just when you need it. Experience absolute freedom using our three integrated services: 1. Car sharing: pick the nearest car to you and go wherever you feel like. 2. Car with driver: cover small distances in absolute comfort. 3. Rental car: superb for road trips, available through a local agent. Book, manage and pay with the 3 in 1 mobility app:
  • Waterbus

  • The Waterbus is a public transportation ON the canal, which allows you to commute – stress fee ! – between Brussels, Van Praet and Vilvoorde, an area experiencing a huge transformation. It navigates from May 1st till Octobre 31. The Waterbus is an extension of the public transport, because there is a seamless connection between the canal shuttle stops and bus, tram and subway stops, which makes existing and new tourist attractions, shopping and residential zones, shopping malls and business centres ease to reach. Bikes are welcome on board.

  • Parking

  • Interparking

    For more than 50 years, the Interparking Group, a leader in the parking sector, has been a recognised expert in the design, development and operation of public car parks for off-street and on-street parking.


    Use the parking app to find the nearest public parking to your destination. It’s far more comfortable, quicker and safer than to park on the street. Furthermore, the city is more enjoyable with fewer cars in the streets.

    The app has many features, such as finding a parking spot and navigate to there. You can filter on facilities per garage, such as a charging point for an electric car, wheelchair facilities or a Villo!-bike station nearby. Currently, the app contains 58 parkings and that number will be extended. Download the parking app right here on the App Store or Google Play.

  • Luggage storage

  • Nannybag

    Nannybag is a collaborative luggage storage network composed of partner hotels and stores located in  strategic locations (train stations, museums, cultural, touristic spots, etc.). 
    Available on both AppStore or Google Play, the apps and the website allows you to find a luggage storage facility location near your position. The service costs €6 for the first 24 hours of deposit and €4 per additional day (AXA covers up to €1500 per luggage stored). 
    And guess what? The service is available 24/7 in some Nannies! 

  • Europcar

    Europcar is part of the Europcar Mobility Group, one of the leading players in the mobility sector. Europcar Belgium offers a wide range of mobility services: car and van rental, rental of scooters and electric bicycles (B2C) in its European quarter branch, car sharing (B2B), shared bicycle leasing (B2B) as well as the Europcar Mobility Pass - mobility payment card (B2B).

    Present all over Belgium and in major airports and train stations, the Europcar fleet offers models for your every need: city cars, family cars, vans, but also prestige cars and vans.

    Europcar Mobility Group offers its various mobility solutions and services through an extensive network covering more than 140 countries.